10 Best Whey Protein Sources

Have you ever been to the gym? Or, have you ever wanted to have those fabulous great muscles that you see with models? Then you might have heard about whey protein too. If you are someone not into any of these, here is a briefing of what whey protein is.  It is basically a food supplement that is mostly used by physique competitors, athletes, health and fitness enthusiasts or trainers. They are a variant of protein and helps in building muscles.

Whey protein refers to milk serum. This is a liquid by products that is produced, while curdling of milk.  Whey protein has higher concentrations of amino acids, when compared to other resources.  They contain about 90% proteins by weight. They are additional proteins that help in more efficient and accelerated manner of working. They also help in speedy repair of muscles that have wear and tear and to get back to the normal state. Whey protein is available in certain food items naturally. Here is a list of such kind of food items that contain whey proteins.

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1. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is made from concentrate whey protein, which is actually a waste product from processing dairy milk. They contain high very high amount of fat and at the same time contain about 28 grams of whey protein per cup. Ricotta cheese could be substituted for the protein drinks either in desserts or shakes. Ricotta cheese is one among the food source with the most abundant source of whey protein.

2. Goat Milk

Goat milk is another resource that contains whey proteins as well as casein.  Goat milk is found to be more easily digested than cow milk since it does not contain any kind of specific casein protein as in cow milk. A natural resource in having whey protein directly and easily digestible, thus making is the next in the list.

3. Dairy Milk

Cow milk contains about 80 % of casein protein thereby making the remaining 20 % of whey protein to digest slowly. So here you get the benefits of whey protein in the process of digestion. Since casein digests slowly only, you get all the protein contained in both the casein part and the whey part.

If you are looking to buy natural whey protein, check out this product – Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90% – CLEAN. It’s probably the best whey protein source you will find!

4. Cheese

Apart from Ricotta cheese, other cheeses also contain a certain amount of whey proteins. The yellowish liquid that you see floating on the top of cottage cheese is actually the whey protein that got separated during the process of curdling. Similarly, all other kinds of cheese also have certain amounts of whey protein and cheese could be easily incorporated to your food on a daily basis.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is another best choice in adding to your diet. Apart from whey protein that it contains, it is also high in calcium, probiotic bacteria, low-glycemic and carbohydrates. It could be easily incorporated into your diets or even had just like that.

Most of the milk and milk products would contain certain amount of whey proteins and when had them meticulously by incorporating into your diet, you would get a good amount of whey protein that would help your body muscles to a greater extend.

Apart from the natural food supplies, for those who require more quantities of whey proteins like athletes or physique competitors, you could take additional supply from the powdered products available in the markets. Some of the best brands of whey proteins include based on their taste, mix ability, and texture.


1. Optimum 100% Whey Protein

The main advantages of this whey protein products is that it is low priced when compared to other products, but has a decent amount of proteins. It is preferred by most people and most of them even consider this as a staple food and do not wish to change from this brand. The only drawback is that it comes in cookie and cream flavor.

2. NOW Foods Whey protein Isolate

This is of the highest quality whey that you could get. The product has pure CFM. It is completely natural and does not contain any artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. Has a totally natural flavor and when mixed up, forms a smooth paste which is easy to drink and makes one feel complete, full and healthy. (Available here)

3.  ISS Research Complete Whey Protein

They are at the top quality lists of whey proteins and has a very good taste that is preferred by almost all. It is very much the basic mixture of WPC and WPI but of higher quality. (Available here)

If you are looking to buy natural whey protein, check out this product – Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90% – CLEAN. It’s probably the best whey protein source you will find!

4. Designer Whey Protein

This is an economical kind of whey protein where you get all the requirements of a whey protein supplement at a budgeted cost. They come in great flavors and is liked by the users. (Available Here at Vitamin Shoppe)

5. VPX Zero Carb SRO

A good combination of the required proteins and added things like glutamine, arginine and peptides. However the only drawback is that it a bit higher on the price.

Be it any product or food that you have, understand how much whey protein they have and substituting the additional requirement with supplements should be done , only after thoroughly researching. What may work best for one, may not work with the other. So based on your body type and acceptance is what you should decide which one to go for. (Available on Amazon here)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner and do not give medical advice via this blog. The above list s based on my research and may not be accurate. Please check with the manufacturer or the shopping site for the details on the product.

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