Websites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online

Today everyone is very busy with their work schedules, family, children, etc and they hardly find time to visit a theater and watch a movie. Watching a movie in a theater has become expensive and time consuming these days. It involves a lot of things like deciding the day to see the movie, reserving the tickets, traveling to the place amidst the bad traffic, etc.

Apart from the ticket and transportation expenses, you have to spend money on food also as eatables are not allowed in many of the theaters. Thanks to the internet, today there are several legal ways to watch Indian movies online via legal streaming services like in the US. In the US, there are several ways like Netflix, Hulu, etc and this scene is not fully developed in India. However, we’re seeing a lot of activity here and more and more startups are coming up with solutions for media streaming online.

Update: Netflix has launched in India. You can now watch Bollywood movies online for a minimal subscription of Rs.500/month, legally. Also read – Indian TV channels in the USA.

Why do you want to have all these hassles of visiting the theater and watching the movie? Instead, sit relaxed in the house in your sofa with your loved ones, watch the movie with your favorite snack. If you have a TV screen over 50 inches (with smart apps) with an internet connection, you’re all set.

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Also, there are many advantages of watching movie online when compared with theaters like

– You can watch the movie any number of times

– You can pause the movie and resume it later

– You can forward a scene/song if you don’t like it

– Any number of people can watch the movie at a single cost

Where can I watch Bollywood movies online?

Let’s start with the first one.

1. ErosNow

Eros Now is like the Netflix of Bollywood movies. The movies are listed in an easy manner on this site. Select the year and the alphabet on the home page. It will list all the movies that start with the alphabet and released in the selected year. The link ‘Latest’ shows the recently added movies and the link ‘Popular’ shows the most-watched films. The link ‘DVD’ shows the list of films with high-quality print and the link ‘Sub’ shows the films with subtitles.


2. Youtube

This is the best and No.1 source for watching Bollywood movies. You may not be able to watch the latest or movies running in the theatre here but the rest of the movies can be watched (for the latest movies, they have paid channels, which is reasonable in my opinion). Go to the YouTube website and click the category ‘Movies’. Here you can find free as well as paid movies. New movies are listed under the heading ‘New Releases’. The movies are listed under various channels like Action, Adventure, Comedy, etc.

One thing I really like about YouTube is that they have a smart TV app and you can watch movies directly from your TV.

You can find Indian movies here on YouTube.

Bollywood Movies Online

3. Netflix

This is obvious. For folks in the USA, get a Netflix connection for $7.99/month and start watching Bollywood movies (only <5% of their entire collection, but still a valuable investment.) For people in India, Netflix comes at an even cheaper rate, although the content might be different. Here are more details.

So, there you have it. My top three places to watch Bollywood and other Indian language movies legally online.

Update: Getting a Jio Fiber connection is probably the best bet for watching movies online.

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