Video Broadcasting made easy with iOs App Touchcast

Touchcast iOS

Touchcast is an iOS app that gives you the feel of a web at the same time looks like video. It is basically a video that is clickable and completely browsable in its characteristics. Users can enjoy a two-way video experience by means of tapping an assembly of video apps. Users can simplify it as a TV studio within your hands.

Touchcast iOS Highlights

Quality videos can be created and broadcasted with this app. It is made possible using the presence of built-in teleprompter, visual filters and sound effects along features such as green screen. Users can download this wonderful iOS app from iTunes App Store. This app is placed under Photo & Video category and is available for free download. The app in many ways has succeeded in bridging the gap between the web and video.  Touchcast for iOS is an app that can be used as a great tool for introducing your own video and thereby bringing up interactive content for your audience.

Touchcast iOS Features

A ‘ReCast’ feature has been included on the touch side of the app. This allows recasting of video of various other channels which helps followers in viewing it. It is almost similar to that of a retweet feature. However on the cast side, users can combine more than one video in to a single one. It means, no matter how many takes being captured, user can combine those takes in to a single one. These touchcasts then can be merged in to one and can be shared with the followers.

This app arrives with a user-friendly interface designed to provide users with utmost comfort and ease. Furthermore, users can also take a look at other list of Touchcast videos created by various users similar to that of a social network website. Videos are laid out almost like a social network feed on the touchside of the app. Separate buttons are also provided on the top for viewing the user-made videos.

The app also has a magnifying glass feature that will help users in searching the touchcasts by means of entering a term or hashtag. The app has a separate section where users can store their favourite touchcast videos as bookmarks. The explore section of the navigation inside the app is further classified in to all videos, user-made channels and trending videos. There is still a huge scope for improvement and we can hope the developers to include more selections with the future app upgrades.

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The cast side of the app however arrives with enhanced controls helping users in managing the content of the video that they want the audience to watch. Primarily, users will have to select the video title that they would like the video file to be named after. The app has pre-defined templates such as news, sports, reviews and a how-to layout. The most interesting part is that users can create their own templates if needed. It is always desirable to give a title once you have selected the basic layout.

Some of the options that users can choose from the ‘Add a vApp’ option include;

Web Page
Google News
Google Map
Facebook Page
Pull Quote

Touchcast iOS Drawbacks

One of the major drawbacks of this app is that it does not have ability to add music. This in many ways makes the video feel a bit uninspiring and dry. Users can hope the issue to be resolved with the future updates. Also, first time users might find it difficult to get used to this app. It will take some time for users to get settled down with this app.

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