Types of chocolates that are good for health


Chocolates are the favorite food for people belonging to all age groups. Chocolates are available in lot of  varieties and that gives lot of options for the buyer. The number of manufactures of chocolates is also increasing  and that is good for chocolate lovers as they can hope to get better chocolates at affordable cost. Some of the popular manufacturers of chocolates include names like Nestle, Amul, Parle, and Farmville. Most of these chocolates manufacturers are known for  a wide range of  products, that are made with a variety of ingredients.

All kinds of chocolates are not good for people as they contain various types of ingredients which can cause severe trouble, if consumed regularly. If you are a fond lover of chocolates then you must exercise caution when choosing which  chocolates to eat.

Ingredients in chocolate

Chocolates are made of many ingredients in which cocoa is one. Cocoa contains flavanols which is a type of antioxidant. These are good for consumers as the antioxidant reduces blood pressure and lower the dangers of ailments related to the heart and its functioning. Chocolates can improve cardiovascular functions of the heart which is certainly good.  If an impartial comparison is made between milk chocolates and dark chocolates, then dark chocolates are a little ahead of milk chocolates as they contain more quantity of flavanols. As a result,  consumption of  dark chocolates is better &  safer than milk chocolates.

Another comparison can be made on the basis of availability of calories in various types of chocolates. It is true that both milk and dark chocolates have cocoa butter. This type of butter is obtained from cocoa and it usually has palmitic and stearic acids. These acids are saturated during various processes. The processed fat does increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, but stearic acid does not let this happen. Dark chocolates have about 450 calories in them but they are less harmful for the human body.

How chocolates affect health

Fat is another important thing to consider. Both milk and dark chocolates contain good amount of fats but they are saturated by nature and the harmful things gets reduced considerably. The fat content of dark chocolates can be  reduced further to make them even better for the body. However, people with fat body and high cholesterol content should desist themselves from having dark chocolates.

The ingredients present in chocolates are another criterion which must never be overlooked. Among the various types of ingredients, the use of raisins and dry fruits are quite common. The dry fruits include almonds, cashew nuts, groundnuts and many more products like these. The use of sugar and other preservatives is also common in  chocolates. However, manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of chocolates in terms of sweeteners. Chocolates are available in the form of both,  unsweetened and semi-sweetened. People can eat chocolates which are suitable for them depending upon their own health.

What kind of chocolates are good for health?

Making an overall comparison among all types of chocolates available is good. As told, dark chocolates are slightly better in terms of overall effects. The manufacturers of quality brands of chocolates are coming up with larger varieties of dark chocolates. That does not mean that milk chocolates should be fully condemned. These can be suitable for aged people as it provides better and stronger resistance to their body. However, young people should keep safe distance from milk chocolates. They can take them, but not frequently. However, it can be concluded that dark chocolates are safe for consumption by all age groups.

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