Using Torrents in India is illegal – Use these alternatives instead

The Government of India is once again taking strong actions against Internet piracy. With the help of Internet service providers and presumably under court orders, thousands of websites and URLs were banned in the last couple of years. Until now visiting these “blocked sites or URLs” was all fine. However, as per the latest order passed by the Government, watching, downloading, exhibiting or duplicating the “content” will result in up to Rs 3 lakhs fine and 3 years of imprisonment.

As a result of this order, several ISPs began showing a warning message to users when they visited certain torrent or other file-sharing websites. Below is a screenshot of the warning message shown on a blocked website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.02.51 PM

What are the alternatives to torrents?

It’s high time to think about torrent alternatives to legally download or to watch television contents online in India. Some of the alternatives are paid while others are free. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Hotstar – It’s the official app from Star Group to watch Indian movies & TV Shows.
  • Spuul – Early pioneer of streaming content online in India, Spuul includes classic Indian shows like Malgudi Days and Hindi movies.
  • Eros Now – Offers large collection of unlimited free music, limited selection of movies and TV shows for free users.
  • UTV Stars – Officially released from India’s biggest house of entertainment, it offers a large collection of movies to choose from.
  • YouTube – Everybody’s favorite, best and No 1 source to watch movies & shows.
  • Netflix – The latest entrant to Indian online streaming industry is Netflix. Anyone with a good Internet connection can watch Indian & English movies and documentaries on Netflix for a nominal price.

Some of us must have heard of Internet service providers in the US sending a warning notice to individuals about torrent usage. The Internet service providers in India could have adopted the same strategy long ago to curb such illegal practices.

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