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Top 15 Wedding Favor Ideas

Choosing a return gift or favor for a wedding is really a mind-blowing task once the preparations for the wedding are finalized. In India, people think giving a return gift is considered as a way of thanking the people who attended the wedding and the gift makes them remember the wedding for years.

Every parent who is conducting the wedding ceremony wants to hear the praising words ‘What a wonderful and different gift you have given? Good thinking’ from the guests. Usually, they will buy and give clothes to their close relatives in the family. For the rest of the guests, they spend a lot of time and money choosing a gift which is very useful and unique when compared with the ones given at other weddings.

Before seeing the various ideas, I would like to suggest one important thing. Most of the people want to print their names and the couple’s name on the outside portion of the gift so that it is glaringly seen. Instead, they can print the names on the inside of the gift so that it is not seen. For eg., Nobody will take a nice handbag with these prints on the front side to the office or shopping. Instead, they will take it happily if these words are printed on the inside portion.

1. Wallets or Passport holder

A decent wallet with the option for keeping cards, coins, currency, etc will be a good gift. Otherwise, you can also choose a nice passport holder which can hold a passport, foreign currency, a place for keeping other important documents, etc.

2. Seasonal Gift

You can choose a gift depending on the season (winter or summer). A handy umbrella, thick shawls, etc are good gifts during the winter season. Hand fan, cooler water bottles, etc are the best gifts during summer. You can give gifts related to the festive season like Diwali, Christmas, etc. Scented candles are suitable for any festive season.

3. Mini Yellow page booklet

If you want to try something new, this will be a good choice. List the contact details of hospitals, car rentals or taxis, restaurants or catering services, police stations, grocery stores, etc in your city or town and prepare a hand size booklet. You can print the date of the wedding and the name of the couple on the backside of the booklet.

You can also prepare a booklet with jokes, cooking or food tips, first aid or medical tips, etc.

4. Perfume set or Makeup kit

A medium-size makeup kit with brushes, eyeliners, etc will be good for girls or young women. Perfumes with good flavor can be given for both and women according to the genre.

5. Alarm clock or digital calendar

An alarm clock is a decent gift for a family with less budget for return gifts as it is handy and needed for all members of a family. A digital calendar with a pen stand can be given if they have a slightly high budget

6. 3D Wallhanging

Wall hangings of gods and goddesses of nature in 3D effect are seen a lot these days and is available in various sizes and price. Also, it is lightweight and not easily damageable.

7. Chocolates

Choose a nice shaped plastic box, fill it with various shapes, flavors, and sizes of chocolates, and tie the box with a nice satin ribbon. Who will not eat chocolates?

8. Nuts

Buy all the popular nuts like cashews, pasta, almond, walnuts, pecans, etc and put each one separately in one small box or bottle, wrap it in a big box.

9. Travel pouch

A mini travel bag for keeping clothes which can be taken for travel of a couple of days will be a good gift. Otherwise, a travel pouch with the essentials like paste, brush, soap, comb, etc is a handy one.

10. Hand made painting

If you have a heavy budget for gifts, then hand made painting will be a good choice. a small Tanjore painting is an excellent gift. You can also choose a batik painting or a modern art painting.

11. Microwavable

Almost everyone uses a refrigerator and microwave oven in their daily life. So the container sets of various sizes which can be kept in the refrigerator or microwave oven is a useful gift for the whole family.

12. Tupper ware lunch box

I think this will be a good one as everybody needs a lunch box. Tupperware lunch boxes are good in quality and can be kept in the microwave oven also.

13. Small Desk Lamps

A small electric desk lamp is useful for all members of a family. Instead of the lamp, decorative lampshades can also be given.

14. Miniature figures

Not everyone will have the opportunity to visit all places in the world. So miniature figures of popular places and buildings like seven wonders, empire state building, liberty statue, Madurai Meenakshi temple, etc can be given.

15. Shopping or Gift Vouchers

If you are not satisfied with any gift item, then the best option is a shopping or a gift voucher of at least 3 months validity and can be used in the shops in your city.

Do you have some other idea? Feel free to add it in the comment below.

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