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Top 15 Tips on taking amazing self shot pictures

We are living in a world filled with many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and people like to change their profile picture or avatar at least once in every 2 or 3 days. They cannot depend on someone always for taking pictures. So the best way is to learn to take a good self portrait using mobile or digital camera so that we can upload photos immediately to the social networks. Below are some of the useful tips to note while taking self pictures.

1. Get correct lighting

Lighting provides a major role in taking a clear a picture. So make sure you have enough light and try to take pictures in day time and don’t use the flash light of your camera while taking pictures. If you are taking picture inside a room, make sure your windows are opened.

2.Avoid standing directly in front of sunlight

While taking pictures, don’t stand directly in front of sunlight as it will cast shadows and create other effects like sweating, blinking of the eyes etc. Position yourself so that your back is turned towards the sun.


3. Use a tripod

Tripod is very handy and useful especially when taking self portraits and is a good alternative for keeping the camera in hand. You can buy a tripod of nominal price so that it will hold your camera and take wonderful pictures. Tripods are available for digital cameras as well as smart phone cameras.

4. Use normal lens

Normal lens are ideal while taking self portraits as it will be difficult to keep correct focus on the wide angle. Lens of dimension around 50mm is good.

5.Keep the camera on flat surface

Keep your camera either directly on the ground or placing it on the top of a item so that you don’t have to worry about the position of the camera and also it won’t fell down. You can keep the camera in the hood of your car when you are taking pictures outside.

6. Use Front facing camera

Many smart phones have two cameras one on the front and another on the back. Front faced cameras are best for taking self shots. While taking shots, look directly towards the lens instead of the screen so that your eyes will appear straight on the photograph.

7.Using Remote trigger

You don’t have to touch the surface of the phone to capture pictures and you can use the volume control buttons instead. This feature is available in many of the smart phones. You can also use the hands-free to capture pictures.

8.Set the timer for high value

Many smartphones have the timer feature which will automatically take pictures in the specified intervals of time which can be configured by the user. You can set the timer value high so that you don’t have to run and take the position for taking photos.

9. Show your best side

Scientists say that people have a good side.So try standing on both left and right sides and find out which one suits for your and take pictures in that side.

10. Take care of your appearance

Before taking the photo, make sure your face is fresh and clothes are neat. Wipe your face with soft tissues and comb your hair before taking the photo so that you will look great.

11.Don’t keep any luggage

Don’t keep or hang any kind of bag on your shoulder. Instead pose with gentle smile so that the photo will be natural.

12. Watch your background

If the background is simple and clean, then the resulting photograph is very good. White backgrounds and brick walls are best suited for taking solo pictures.

13. Take a test picture

Take a sample picture of yourself to make sure that all the settings in the camera and the lighting in the surrounding environment are good.

14.Click many shots

Take as many shots as possible even in the same posture as it will take some to become a decent photographer of taking self portraits and we don’t which one will be perfect. We can delete the unwanted images later.

15. Try different angles and postures

If you are not taking photos urgently and can spend time in the location, then capture pictures of different postures and keeping the camera in different angles. Take pictures from all the sides like left, right, top and bottom.

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