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MLM or Multi Level Marketing refers to a business model where the sales marketer is involved in network marketing, referral marketing or direct sales.  In an MLM the products are promoted through referrals. Most of the MLM companies require sales promoters to produce a down line of promoters like a pyramid. In this strategy, the not only the promoter but the person who promoted the promoter also benefits, thus making it in such a way that the person at the top receives the most of the incentives. However, if not carefully analyzed, you could be part of a scam and end up in losses, rather than make money.


Though there are many advantages by joining an MLM, you need to make sure that you join the best. Here are a list of the top 10 MLM companies that promotes business in India.

1. Amway

Amway is one among the world largest direct selling business which has been powered by brands that do wonders, relationships that endure, and opportunities that empower. Amway was launches in 1959 and the original product was liquid organic cleaner, which was eco-friendly and biodegradable. From then on, Amway has expanded from home products to health and beauty.

2. Melaleuca

In the world of referral marketing, Melaleuca has grabbed a place and has enlightened many families and their lifestyle.  With annual sales of over $1 billion, This company has been into existence for more than 27 years. Eco- friendly products that are safe to use and cleaner for the environment is what their products are. Has helped many families come up by being with Melaleuca.

3. AAROH Distribution Private Limited

This Company was started with experienced and ambitious people to work on a distributor development concept. It helps you to start your own distributions business as an individual distributor.

4. Nu Skin

One among the leading MLM companies that helps in attaining one`s goal of success in life.  Nu Skin founders have introduced the successful formula, but creating a mind set training both for professional and personal life. Hey make you dream big, set goals, believe in yourself and help you achieve your goals. A great marketer that helps one to grow beyond bounds.

MK Money Tips


This is one among the world’s leading companies in nutrition and health. They have world class laboratories that manufacture high quality products that helps in nurturing your health. They promote direct sales and train interested people to mark a difference in other people’s life. Have realistic and immediate incomes for their members and makes sure that not only customers but their members are also insured and safe in their hands.

6. Foreever Living

This company was founded in 1978 and is now a billion dollar company which promotes quality products in wellness and beauty. The founder, Mr.Rex just had simple equation, promoting quality products to lead a healthy and beautiful life , without dumping heavy amounts on advertising, but making it a personalized effort. This has made the company grow and has given many an opportunity to experience their products and be a part of them and grow.

7. Herbalife

Herbalife is a global nutrition company which has helped people in pursuing good health and active lives. Their products include health nutrients and beauty products that enable one to lead a healthy life. With more than 2.5 million distributors , Herbalife has proved that is one among the best MLM.

8. 4life

As the name suggests, this company focuses on products to improve ones immune system and they were the first of its kind in a networking business.  4life builds people through science, success and service on an everyday basis and have their distributions in more than 50 countries today, which makes it one among the best multi level marketing companies.

9. Advocare

This is a world class company that offers products in wellness, weight loss and sports performance. The products of this company are based on solid science and formulate nutritional solutions from world class experts that makes it a high in quality and efficiency. People experiencing the benefits of Advocare also has great business opportunities in promoting the product and thereby grow themselves too.

10. Isagenix

Isaqenix falls into one among the best MLM as they promote great products in weight loss, healthy aging, nutrition supplements etc which are of high quality and also gives an opportunity for their customers to grow and make an income of their own.

These are a few of the top listed MLM across the globe. Based on the kind of products that you would like for yourself, you could choose to join them and promote the products after experiencing it by yourself first. When you are satisfied, you could get others also experience the same. Joining an MLM is an additional income to you and your family, however you need to be careful and not get yourself hooked to scams. Analyze and you could win a great opportunity in front of you.

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