10 Best To-Do List Apps (Free & Paid)

Everybody need a To-Do list of their own. Sure, good old pen and paper might work. But now that we all have our lives gone digital, wouldn’t it be nicer if we have our To-Do list too on all our digital devices? Here are ten such amazing To-Do list creator software that will help you manage tasks efficiently.

1. Remember the Milk

Platforms Supported : iPhone,iPad,Android ,Blackberry 10,Browsers(using Addons)

Even though the name Remember the Milk looks funny, this is one of the best free to do list creator and it has many features like managing tasks from anywhere,getting alerts via SMS or email or instant messengers,Sharing the tasks,Accessing the tasks from the phone,Managing the tasks offline,Integration with Google calendar etc. The tasks can be assigned priorities,postponed for later,send the tasks to other individuals etc.It can also be integrated with gmail and outlook so that the reminders are displayed on the side bar. You can also add the tasks via your twitter account by following rtm on twitter. You can create the account for free using your already existing google or facebook profile.

2. Wunderlist

Platforms Supported : iPhone,iPad,Android,Windows,Mac,Browsers(using Addons)

The UI of Wunderlist is more appealing when compared with other to do apps even though the functionality is more or less same.You can basically create to do lists and do sorting,rearranging,assigning priority,marking as completed,deletion etc.It also has option for setting reminders and the alerts are sent via email or notification via the app.One more interesting feature in the app is Smartlists. It basically filters the to-do items and shows only items assigned to you,overdue items,starred items and the items that are due for the current day.

3. Toodledo

Platforms Supported : iOS,Android,Blackberry,Browsers(using Addons)

The major interface of Toodledo is web based as the users has to pay around $2 for downloading the app.The users can utilize the mobile version of the website for free. In addition to creating to do lists,assigning priority etc the software also tracks the time for finishing the task.The tasks are organized based on the importance levels and the UI appearance of the Toodledo looks more like the Microsoft outlook.

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4. Any.Do

Platforms Supported : iPhone,Android

Any.Do is a simple to do list app without comprising on the features supported.You can add tasks easily and assign priority,rearranging,postponing for later date etc.Also new tasks can be added using your voice instead of typing.You can also add tasks by sending email to The only drawback is it does not have good interface for PC or web browsers. So the app can be accessed only with a mobile phone.

5. Todoist

Platforms Supported : iPhone,Android,iPad,Windows,Mac,Browsers(using Addons)

Todoist is a free app which can be accessed on almost all devices like smartphones,tablets,laptops and desktops.It can also be integrated with gmail and outlook.The functionality is more similar  to the app Wunderlist. The remainders can be set based on time or location.

6. Orchestra

Platforms Supported : iPhone

Orchestra is a free app for iPhone and a decent one for normal users. It can be downloaded from the itunes store. The tasks can be entered either by voice or text.It is very easy to share tasks among multiple users.It lacks some features like deleting lists or contacts,importing tasks from other tools etc. Overall it is a simple app with its own limitations.

7. Taskulous

Platforms Supported : iPhone

Taskulous can be downloaded from iTunes and has features like creating tasks with due date,rescheduling tasks,sending tasks via email,a seperate today section for listing out the tasks for the current day , automatically moving the completed tasks etc.

8. Google Keep

Platforms Supported : Android,Browsers(using Addons)

Google keep is a free app for android based devices.Notes are stored in the cloud and so it can be viewed on the desktop or mobile from anywhere.The main features include creating to do notes, adding reminders etc.The notes can be color coded for easy identification.

9. Taskos

Platforms Supported : Android

Taskos is one of the popular to do app for android devices. The features include Speech to Text,Google Task Sync,scheduled alerts,sorting,task sharing,setting importance levels for tasks,pre defined categories for adding tasks etc.

10. Tasks N Todos

Platforms Supported : Android

Tasks N Todos (Not available anymore) is an efficient app for android tablets and phones.The features include sync with google task,sharing tasks via email,voice to text,assigning priority,reordering,sub tasks creation,sorting,reminders etc.

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