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20 Quick Tips to Improve Your Concentration

Don’t feel like concentrating? Are you putting off a task or project you’re supposed to be working on? If you lack in concentrating constantly, it is a bit unrealistic. Sometimes, things just don’t go the right path and you don’t seem like you are at the best. However, the good thing is that you can definitely salvage the situation by following a few easy steps. Then, you can be well-prepared & improve your concentration.

1. Go the additional mile

It’s not necessary that you are always on the top. If you are frustrated, lacking focus and ready to stop, tell yourself that you’ll do just a bit more and try just a little harder.


2. Compartmentalize your mind

Each of us possess habits that either result in positive or negative leads in our life. With regards to concentration, bad habits can definitely harm your initiatives. Most people end up distracted by concerns which spill over from every area of their life.

3. Should you waste time or not

Procrastination may be the death-knell to focus. It can topple down a day faster than just about anything else. Procrastination is simply putting off until later that which you could easily accomplish at this time.

4. Create mental cues

The mind is an incredible tool. In truth, there are a lot of cases in which scientists barely understand your full abilities. What is recognized, however, is that the brain can learn. When you find yourself in times where you require more focus as well as concentration, develop a cue which will kick yourself into high gear.

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5. Live in as soon as

There are many explanations why living in the moment will improve concentration. When you’re thinking about previous year or anticipating the near future, your mind is certainly going in dozens associated with different directions. Stop and help remind yourself that at this time is the only time that’s yours.

6. Focus on your breathing

This is the most basic yet an incredibly potent meditation method. Start in the shavasana position or you could utilize the traditional placement of legs crossed over one another in a sitting position using the gyan mudra thought.

7. Feet apart and arms at the sides

The shavasana position could be assumed by lying on your back, feet apart and arms at the sides with hands facing up. This can be a deep meditation method, so it is going to be incredibly relaxing and also you might doze off that ought to be avoided.

8. The power of Aum

Another way to focus on your breathing and achieve an elevated state of attention and alertness which will aid in improving concentration is by using the sound of ‘Aum’.

9. Sitting together with your spine straight

This meditation technique isn’t just very simple but could be learnt in five minutes, yet it’s incredibly potent in relaxing your brain and the entire body. Start by sitting together with your spine straight.

10. Shavasana placement

While in the shavasana position, raise your physical understanding of everything around a person. With your eye closed imagine getting around the room barefoot, have the floor with your feet, visualize every part of the space in precise detail while you imagine yourself going for a leisurely walk over the area.

11. Take long heavy breaths

You will consider long deep breaths while you try to nourish your mind and relax your mind and body with more air. This technique is called measured breathing and should be done 3 to 6 times.

12. Raise your bodily awareness

You can raise your bodily awareness by visualizing various sensations in other part of your body. For example, while in the shavasana position, attempt to imagine cold water dripping in your feet, or the feel of the soft rug in your soles.

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13. Sit in a comfortable position

A slight variation of the exercise is to sit in a comfortable position having a rose placed in a glass before you. Look closely at the rose, noticing every fold from the petal, the shadows created because of the light and dark areas.

14. Trataka

Trataka is an additional technique that works perfectly when used to enhance concentration. Sit in a sparsely furnished room having a lighted candle placed around three feet away from you inside your line of view; that is, you shouldn’t have to tilt your face to see this.

15. Relax confused state

Being in the confused state may be the biggest cause for insufficient concentration. Cultivate the habit of focusing on one single task at any given time.

16. Do not avoid any task that is important

This is a major cause for insufficient concentration. Postponing a job means allotting some brain space for that particular task.

17. Eyes may be responsible for poor focus

The eyes will also be a major trigger for poor focus. Wondering how? The brain starts to consider whatever the eye view. You can enhance concentration by reducing the environment that is visible in your eyes.

18. Improve concentration

Improve concentration by focusing on one particular picture for a minimum of two minutes with no distractions. Make sure the mind does not wander, away from the picture.

19. Stress may be another reason for poor focus

Stress may be yet another trigger for poor focus. If your mind is full of different ideas, you will end up being confused and not be able to concentrate.

20. Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence can also be a reason why people lack focus. If you feel nervous about carrying out a particular job, visualize how you can perform the job before doing the work.

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