Secret of the flying fish scene in Life of Pi

One of the most amazing scenes in Life of Pi (there being many of them through out) that made me go wow, was the flying fish scene. You know, the one where all those fishes fly towards Pi and you feel like its all flying out of the screen towards you, amazing 3D experience it was!

But I just learned that Ang Lee had cleverly amplified the 3D effect of that scene with some seemingly silly “effect” so to speak.

He filmed the particular scene in a different aspect ratio, and used the black strips (the one you see on the top and bottom of the screen), to create an illusion that the fishes are actually jumping out of the frame.

Check out these screenshots.


Wish I could get a better screen shot but I don’t have the DVD yet. But this YouTube clip is good enough.

The fishes go past the black strips giving the illusion that they are popping out of the screen. And it happens so fast that while watching the movie, you will not notice it. Add amazing 3D effects and the scene becomes even more powerful!

Its really a small thing to notice but you know, small things like this make a big effect, and that’s how masters do it. Respect!

Also posted it here on my FB.

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