10 Best Android Apps for Tethering

Tethering  makes our lives easier – especially if you’re the kind who are connected on the go. Tethering is done to provide internet access from one device to another device. This can be achieved through Bluetooth wireless technology or USB. This is extremely useful as it allows connecting your android device to the internet by using the 3G connection on your smartphone.

Tethering is of great help during emergencies if there is a requirement of fast online access. There are many Android apps that can be used to manage tethering. Some of them are given below:

1. TetherGPS Lite


TetherGPS Lite lets you share the GPS connection on your WiFi enabled Android device with another WiFi enabled Android device. TetherGPS is launched by using included 1×1 widgets or through intent broadcasts from other apps or using the launch buttons in TetherGPS configuration app.

2. Tethering


With the help of Tethering the android phone is converted into a USB access point for the PC. Root access is not required for this app. You need to open USB debugging on your phone. You require opening the menu option first. You can open this option by clicking the menu, with the application option and then in the development option choose the USB debugging.

3. WiFi Tethering


With the help of this app you can share your internet connection with Mac OX, Windows, PS3 and Xbox. The internet connection can also be shared with Ubuntu. It does not require any tether fees to use this app. The application can be installed directly with the link provided.

4. Wireless Tether for Root Users


This program can help enable WiFi in order to get access to the internet by the use of mobile connection like 4G Or 3G. The clients can easily connect it through Wifi. The Wifi connection is provided by the handset if you are using the Bluetooth.

5. FoxFi (Wifi Tether w/o Root)


With the help of this app, the Android phone can be converted into a Wifi Hotspot. It does not require any rooting. It can be connected from any tablet or computer. Since a tether plan is not necessary it can save you money. There is a free version provided which requires you to restart the FoxFi to keep using it in free mode.

6. Easy Tether


With the help of Easy Tether you can connect your smartphone internet with the PC. To install this you have to clear the earlier version, if any. Root access is not required. It works through the USB. You need not pay for it every time you use it. It only requires a one-time fee.

7. Tether For Android


The Internet connection on your Android phone can be shared with your laptop or computer by using Tether. It proves beneficial if you are stuck in some place where you have no Internet connection.


8. Barnacle Wifi Tether


This can be used to convert your android phone into a wireless Hotspot by following simple steps. You can share the 3G connection with Windows, Linux, X box and Mac. It requires root access. It is a free and open source. It has unlimited plans.

9. Easy Tether Lite (CE)


It works with the help of USB. The internet connection can be shared with the computer or laptop. For game console tethering you require a computer.  It does not require root access. You need to follow the setup wizard in order to run this app on the smartphone. For obtaining this app you need to pay only once.

10. PdaNet+(FoxFi)


This consists of both PdaNet and FoxFi. Your android phone can be turned into free Wifi Hotspot. It requires no rooting and tether plan. This is the best solution for sharing phone internet with computers. It supports USB as well as Bluetooth and WiFi. The Wifi mode does not work on all phones. It is a free upgrade from PdaNet and FoxFi.

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