How to get rid of unwanted Telemarketing calls?

Let’s admit it, we all have become victims of random, unwanted telemarketing calls offering credit cards, home loans, insurance, and what not! They bug you at work, interrupt your dinner, or wake you up when you are sound asleep.Haven’t you wished for a permanent solution to stop these calls? Well, the solution is here. All you need to do is register your number with the “Do not disturb” (DND) registry.

How to activate DND?

You just have to send an SMS, “START” to 1909 to activate the service. It takes seven days for the request to get processed and your name to be added to the list. Alternatively, this service can also be activated by visiting your mobile telecom company site.

Things to remember about DND:

  1. DND (NCPR) cannot block your bank SMS alerts, bank communications, online bookings, third party personal calling, and etc.
  2. It takes minimum 7 days to process your request to stop the unwanted messages.
  3. You should have at least 3 months of time before applying to new DND request after the previous one.
  4. Calls and messages to “1909” are completely toll-free, and you don’t have to pay anything.

For more details about DND, check

There are chances of telemarketers calling you even after DND registration. In such cases report them using one of the options below:

Dial 1909 to register a complaint

  • After dialing 1909 you can either choose the automated response or talk to a customer care executive to register a complaint.
  • You have to give details such as the phone number of the unsolicited telecommunication, the date and time of the call, and the content of your conversation.
  • You will receive a unique number and action will be taken within 7 days of the complaint being registered

Send SMS on 1909

  • You have to send an SMS to 1909 in a specific format:
  • “The Unsolicited Commercial Communication, XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy”
  • Where XXXXXXXXXX is the number from which you received the unsolicited call.
  • You will get a unique number and action will be taken within 7 days of the complaint being registered

It is important to bear in mind that you must register the complaint within 3 days from the same phone number on which the unsolicited commercial call had been received.

Apart from registering complaints, you can also use Apps like “India Against Spam” and “Truecaller- Caller ID & Block“.

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