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How to Send a Laptop to India from USA: 10 Ways

Updated on : 5th January, 2018Laptops in the USA are cheaper than they are in India, says an article on The Telegraph. The reason for this is that American companies like Google, Dell, Microsoft, etc., selling in their home country, have to pay tax...


How To Return to India – A Step by Step Guide

Updated on : 4th May, 2018I had moved to the USA about 5 years back and I was at first reluctant to come to this foreign land leaving behind my family, friends, job and all that belongs to me. But I made this decision with great courage and started...


ICICI NRE Account Review

Updated on : 30th March, 2017NRE accounts are generally opened by a non-resident Indian or a person of Indian origin. It assists in saving your funds in India and can be easily converted into foreign currency as and when required. ICICI Bank like...