Tag - medical tourism


A Guide to Visiting USA for Medical Treatment

Updated on : 21st September, 2017America continues to be a popular destination for medical tourism, despite the high cost of treatment. In fact, the number of foreign patients who visited the US for medical treatments in 2013 was between 600,000 and...


Best Hospitals For Medical Tourism in India

Updated on : 23rd May, 2016Looking for medical tourism? India is the best option. In the last 10 years, medical tourism has gained in importance and India is a preferred choice for obvious reasons. It can be largely attributed to to the large...


Top 10 Medical Tourism Resorts in India

Updated on : 30th March, 2017Medical tourism in India is growing tremendously in the recent years as the cost of treatment is low when compared with countries like US and UK. So many people from western countries visit India for solving their health...

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