Microsoft Surface Pro 5 – All you need to know!

Surface Pro 4 is nearing its one-year anniversary, so naturally all the tech lovers are already thinking about its successor. (I sure am!) Last year on October 6, 2015, Microsoft made its loyal customers fall in love with the Surface Pro 4 and already the rumors about Surface Pro 5 are out! I would say it is a “rumor” as none of those reported are citing trustworthy sources if any at all.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date Price

Let’s cut to the chase.

  • What is it? This would be the fifth generation Surface Pro tablet .
  • When is it out? Current rumors report that the release date would be somewhere in Spring 2017. (October to be precise) But yes, there can be technical glitches that could possibly delay the release date, like it happened with Surface Pro 4 last year and with the release of Windows 10.
  • What would be the cost? It totally depends on the accessories and configurations you choose. According to market research, in the phone market, the prices of later iterations of modern tech products doesn’t change all that drastically. Going with this logic, eventually, the price of Surface Pro 5 will start at $899.
  • What are latest updates on the Surface Pro 5 features? It is always a puzzled moment when a new product is launched. We think twice about what could be the changes on its features? Well, It is said that Microsoft has filed a patent for a stylus that features a rechargeable battery system. Specifically, the patent details a magnetic charging dock built to give the new Surface Pen its juice, seemingly with connectors meant for a Surface Dock mounting.

What to expect in the Surface Pro 5?

There is always room for improvement and it is the talk of the town that Surface Pro 5 will display numerous incredible features. To begin with the longer battery life, ideally, and realistically, we’d like to see at least 7 hours of battery life reliably from the next Surface Pro tablet. Let us hope for the best!

It might finally be time for USB-C this time. The latest Google chromebook and MacBook were two of the first devices to adopt the latest in USB technology. With the release of Surface Pro 5, the reversible, versatile port is what is needed to alleviate the product line’s slight input/output problem.

Next in line, would be the sharper screen resolution. This is a question of the dilemma as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 had managed to depose countless rivals in both the laptop and tablet spaces when it comes to screen resolution. What more can happen in Surface Pro 5?
Microsoft has answers to all these. The new surface Pro 5 will be equipped with, say, a 4K (3,840 pixels wide, at least) screen, that would rip its productivity and entertainment capabilities wide open.

There is a cut-throat competition from Apple as Apple’s MacBook Air is supposed to be launched in 2017 too. But when it comes to specs and performance either one of them might be able to see the light in 2017. Is that going to be Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 or Macbook Air? You will have to stay tuned for another 5 months to discover the reality . Meanwhile we can give plenty of time for the rumor mill to fire up.

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