How to Start Stock Trading Online in India

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved Internet Trading in January 2000. Since then, the online trading market has grown significantly, bring the convenience of trading to the click of a button. You can now trade in stocks, ETFs, foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives right from the comfort of your home. Here are some tips for beginners on stock trading online in India.

How to Start Stock Trading in India


In a nutshell, the steps to follow to begin trading online in India are:

  • Get familiar with the market
  • Choose a broker
  • Open a Demat Account
  • Open a Trading Account
  • Start with a Demo Account

Choosing a Broker to Trade Online in India

Online trading platforms offer a host of services to aid decision making and trading. Among these are wide choice of tradable markets, news feeds, live streaming of quotes, trading signals, investment ideas, risk management tools (like stops and pending orders), charts, ability to set up stop loss and take profit rates (so that one doesn’t need to be looking at their screens all the time), financial calendar and educational material.

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When making the choice of broker, do remember to find out about all the charges. These may include account opening fees, commission and processing fees.

There are two types of online trading platforms:

  • Discount brokers
  • Full-service brokers

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Some of the most popular online trading platforms in India are:

MK Money Tips

Discount Brokers

Zerodha Pi: This is technologically advanced trading platform from Zerodha. The platform offers advanced charting, technical indicators and historical data and allows you to trade directly from the charts.

ProStocks: This platform was launched in 2016 by Sunlight Broking LLP. ProStocks has become popular due to the simplicity of the platform and being known to have the lowest charges. The downside is that it does not offer trading in commodity, IPOs and mutual funds.

Upstox: This is a very light platform and needs minimal internet bandwidth. Launched by RKSV, the platform provides several tools, including margin calculator, brokerage calculator and options builder. However, the platform does not provide any tips or recommendations.

Full Service Brokers

Angel Broking: This platform is presented by Angel Group, which was founded in 1987. The platform offers several apps for different devices, expert analysis, tips and recommendations and extensive research. One should look out for hidden charges when trading on this platform.

Trade Tiger:  This platform is presented by ShareKhan, a brand that was established as early as 2000. The platform offers advanced charting tools, heat maps, automated order alert and multiple market watch on a single screen.

ICICI Direct: Launched by ICICI Securities, this platform is known for its innovative tools and exceptional customer service. Although the brokerage changes are a little higher than other online trading platforms, ICICI Direct provides in-depth research and analysis and allows access to a wide range of tradable markets.

Other popular online trading platforms:

  • IIFL Trader Terminal by
  • Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd
  • Keat Pro X by Kotak Securities Ltd
  • Blink by HDFC Securities
  • Indiabulls Securities Ltd

Starting to Trade Online in India

Before you begin actual trading, it’s important to practice using a demo account. While online trading offers unlimited profit making opportunities, it also involves risk. While trading with a demo account is like real trading, there’s no money involved. Practicing with a demo account gives you the opportunity to learn about the platform and the various features it offers. Moreover, you can test your trading strategies or methods before beginning to trade with a live account.

If you are looking for apps for stock trading in India, here are the best ones.

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