How This Blog Made Me 22 Lakh Rupees!

I started this blog, sometime in 2005, as a place to share my thoughts on random things that interested me. Like food, travel, news, health and personal finance – essentially everything that I learned in life. Back in 2005, I was in Kerala, India. Then I moved on to Chennai, Dubai, Miami, San Jose and now in Los Angeles – it’s been a fun journey. During this time, the blog has grown from a few visits a month (mostly from my family and friends) to a cool 150,000 unique visitors a month earning over 22 Lakh Indian Rupees! For me, it’s not the money that matters. To understand why I blog, read this story of how I started this blog.


Fun thing is that, if I can do it, you can too.

Before I get into how you can, let me share some data. (For those who think this is fake.) Here’s a snapshot of traffic to this blog from the last 3 years. (Source – Google Analytics)

My Facebook page has about 13K likes as of today (Jan 17, 2017). There are about 20K followers on Twitter.

So, what’s my secret?

There are a lot of fake schemes on the internet that will tell you how to earn money. From my experience, most of these are fake schemes or they pay you peanuts.

The internet is big. People are using it more than ever and it is bound to grow. You have to understand this. If you make an investment today, it will reap you rewards soon enough. This is the basic law of making money. The internet is no different. The secret is that if you become a part of the good internet (not the fake, spammy bad internet) then there are legitimate ways to make money on the internet.

How did I start?

Simple. I started with three simple things.

1. A domain name from Godaddy (your choice of whatever .com) = Rs. 125

2. A blog & hosting = Rs. 99/month

3. A passion to help others!

You see how profitable it was? Just by spending under Rs.500 today I got Rs. 22 Lakh! Too good to be true right? LOL 😀

But, can you make money blogging?

Absolutely. A lot of people ask me how to start making money online? That is a not the right question. Instead, ask yourself – how can you be part of a mission to help people? Because when you start helping people, monetary benefits come on its own. That’s what happened in my case. When I started blogging, I didn’t start it with a focus to make money. Instead I thought, how can I use this medium (of internet and blogging) to share my thoughts and knowledge to more people? Doing so, I also realized that there are some legit ways to make money online as well, so I used it. That’s it. Having said that, there are lots of tips and tricks I learned along the way. Like, how to start a blog easily, How will you get paid, What should you do to start making money etc..

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