15 Tips To Get Better Sleep

Getting a good sleep is necessary to keep our body and mind fresh and improper sleep not only disturbs our mind but it also may to problems like headache, lack of concentration in work,mood swings etc. Even though 8 hours of sleep is required for human beings, at least 5 hours of deep sleep is needed to maintain balance in our body.

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1. Fix your sleeping time

Go to bed at the same  time every night and wake up at the same time everyday. This will help you to reach the natural sleep – wake cycle. If you practice this, you won’t need a alarm and your body will adjust to that automatically. Even if you have some work to be finished,don’t alter your sleep time and do that work during morning time.


2. Monitor the food you eat

Don’t eat too much of food or completely skip the dinner as both will disturb the sleep. If you eat too much, it won’t digest easily and you will feel the heaviness in your stomach. If you skip the food, you may wake up in between because of hunger. Also avoid eating too oily or spicy foods which may disturb your stomach and affect the sleep.Try to have a medium or light dinner.

3. Regular physical activity

You won’t get good sleep if you don’t any exercise as you won’t get tired. Do some meditation or yogasanas or mild exercises in the evening 4 or 5 hours before your bed time. Don’t do any strenuous work outs just before or couple of hours before your bed time.

4. Watching television or computer

Most of the working people get time to watch TV or computer only during night time but doing that just before bed time will disturb the sleep. Don’t watch TV or computer one or 2 hours before your bed time.

5. Exposure to light

The natural hormone melatonin is responsible for stimulating sleep feeling in our brain and it is controlled by the exposure to light. It is more during darkness and less in presence of light. That’s why watching TV or computer affects our sleep because of the light. Exposure yourself more to sunlight during daytime by walking or doing other physical activities. During evening and night, keep the light in your room minimal by closing the curtains in the windows and decreasing the brightness of bulbs.

6. Limit usage of caffeine

Caffeine is used for refreshing our body and mind fresh. So drinking tea or coffee or any drink rich in caffeine will affect the sleep. If you wish to drink, then do it at least 4 or 5 hours before your bed time.

7. Listen to soft music

After lying down in bed, hear mild instrumental or slow beat songs which will relieve the tension in your brain and help you to get good sleep.

8. Avoid smoking  and alcohol

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol just before your bed time as both will affect the deep sleep.Nicotine in the cigarettes not only disturbs your sleep but also may create breathing disorders.

9. Take a warm bath

Warm bath relaxes the cells in your body and you can take a light hot water few hours before your bed time. Don’t stand for long time under hot water as it will exhaust your body and prevent the sleep.

10. Avoid taking naps during day or noon

Most people will not get sleep during night if they take a short nap during afternoon. So avoid the nap by doing some household work at that time.

11. Avoid drinking water just before bed

Don’t drink more water near your bed time as you may get the feeling to urinate in the middle of your sleep and once you wake up, the continuation of the sleep is disrupted and it will take some time or more to bring yourself back to sleep.

12.Keep your bedroom good for sleeping

Keep your bed room neat and clean and don’t dump unnecessary things in it. Hang some pleasant pictures of sceneries on the wall and use cool color paints in your bed room. Make sure your bedroom has good ventilation.Use soft billows and comfortable cushion beds. Wash or replace it regularly so that your mind will get relaxed on seeing that itself.

13. Keep your mind free from stress

Don’t think too much about your official or personal issues during your bed time as it will keep your mind occupied and deprive you of sleep.

14. Always sleep on your back

Lying on your back is the best position for getting deep sleep and helps your internal organs to relax properly. Don’t sleep on your stomach or on your left as both has side effects. Sleeping to your left makes the lungs,stomach and liver to push against the heart affecting it badly while sleeping on the stomach applies pressure on all the organs and affects your breath.

15. Drink Warm Milk

Have a cupe of lukewarm milk 15 or 20 minutes before going to sleep as the calcium content will help to relax your nervous system.

Make a bed time routine ! Follow it ! Great Sleep !

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