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SBI Yatra Credit Card Review – Not Bad!

If you travel a lot and is looking for a credit card that will give you cashback rewards on all those plane-hoppings, then this is one credit card you don’t want to miss. Plus, there’s more rewards. Read on.

I like co-branded credit cards. They’re very clear on what benefits you get and since they’re tied to one brand, you can make the most of it. You know, there are those super fancy credit cards with benefits you know you will never use? This isn’t one such card. I mean, you need it only if you travel a lot. That too, if you use a lot. If it’s MakeMyTrip you use, there is another card for you.

This co-branded card from SBI is for loyal fans. It offers benefits for using more and rewards you for being a loyal customer. But, there’s more. It also packs in benefits for shopping elsewhere as well. Let’s take a look at the benefits in detail.

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SBI Yatra Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

SBI Yatra Card Review

  • Get 6x bonus points on base fare or base tariffs for purchases made at
  • Get Rs. 8,250 worth vouchers joining fee payment.
  • Get a discount voucher worth Rs. 500, every time you spend Rs. 30,000 on
  • Get 1 point on every Rs. 100 spent at retail outlets other than Departmental and Grocery stores.
  • 2.5% fuel surcharge discount on every transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 for fuel purchases.
  • Exclusive access to the premium MasterCard airport lounges in India.

SBI Yatra Credit Card Fees

  • One time joining fee of Rs.499.
  • Annual fee of Rs.499 second year onward.
  • 40.2% annual fees on cash advances.
  • 40.2% APR interest on outstanding bills.

Summary – Is SBI Yatra Credit Card Good?

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I’d say yes. Like I said, if you’re a frequent traveler, shops often at then there’s no reason why you don’t need this card. For those who run travel agencies too, this is a good payment option to have. Even though those cashback points aren’t huge, it’s something to keep. On op of that, there are benefits using this card for fuel purchases and groceries. (Although it is limited). Annual fee could’ve been avoided. For these benefits, Rs.499/year is kind of steep. Like you know, I have an aversion to credit cards with annual fees, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting this credit card.

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