10 Things To Know About RuPay Cards

Rupay cards are getting popularity these days. I had written a detailed post on how you can get a Rupay card here. But today, I wanted to talk a little bit more about RuPay cards, so you understand them better. So, here goes.

  1. You can get RuPay cards from any bank, even if you have a Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna bank account.
  2. All major public sector banks in India are issuing RuPay cards.
  3. RuPay cards are the same as any other debit card in India and are accepted at all ATMs and payment kiosks.
  4. RuPay cards are perhaps better secure than other cards as they are EMV cards (Europay Mastercard Visa chip).
  5. RuPay cards can do transactions faster in India as all of those transactions are within the country and not international.
  6. RuPay cards has lower transaction charges compared to other cards.
  7. NPCI has enabled more than 200 co-operative banks in India under the RuPay network.
  8. IRCTC has a RuPay card (both virtual and real) that can load up to 50,000 Rs with full KYC documents and offers up to Rs.1 Lakh insurance for travelers on Indian Railways. (Available from UBI bank)
  9. RuPay cards are currently not accepted internationally and is only useable in India.
  10. Finally, if you use RuPay cards instead of other cards (Mastercard, Visa etc) you might be contributing to the Indian economy.

My hunch is that RuPay cards will be more prominent in the future and more and more services and benefits will be added to it. It might still not be acceptable internationally, but I’m hoping that too happens one day.

If you haven’t gotten your RuPay card yet, go get it!

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