How To Get Better Skin – 5 Tips

The skin is the outer covering of the human body, and the first line of defense against any kind of disease or pollutant. It is a delicate layer that can get damaged very easily, as pollutant levels rise and life becomes increasingly stressful and unhealthy for most people.

Dark patches, spots, pimples, acne, warts, discoloration, the types of problems that can happen to the epidermis- the outer layer of the skin- are countless. But they all have the same root causes, and can usually be dealt with the following 5 simple steps-

1. Eat healthy

A lot of skin diseases are caused by eating disorders or internal problems caused by not eating enough or eating the wrong kind of food. Oily food, greasy food, not enough fluids, skipping meals, these can drastically affect the quality of skin. On the other hand, eating the right kinds of foods can reduce wrinkles, prevent and reduce skin spots, and make you look up to twenty years younger. Fruits, fluids, bitter vegetables, these are all known skin rejuvenators.


2. Drink lots or water

Water accounts for around seventy percent of the human body, and is absolutely essential for any kind of bodily function. At least 8 glasses a day can not only help in skin care, it also helps in weight loss and increased energy levels. Carry a water bottle around at all times- it can make a huge difference.

3. Do not share hygiene products with others

Soap, towels, undergarments, combs and other toiletries that you regularly use should not be shared with others- it is an easy way to spread many fungal and bacterial skin diseases. Also use good quality hygiene products and makeup.

4. Use a sunscreen twice a day.

Regularly wash tone and moisturize skin.

This daily ritual takes barely half an hour a day, and yet prevents skin diseases from freckles to skin cancer.

5. Go to a doctor

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it deserves just as much care as any other part. If you notice any suspicious moles or rashes that don’t go away after a long period of time, always go to a dermatologist. With a friend, you can also conduct monthly head to toe skin checkups on each other. It’s a great sleepover game!

Do not stay uncomfortable in your own skin. Keep yourself healthy, inside out, with these simple changes, turn heads wherever you go within months!

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