10 Best Apps To Save Power on Android Phones

Android phones are awesome – I’m a big fan. Just one thing. They’re power hogs and tend to be sluggish. Many a times, I wished if my Android phone would stay longer on power. Later, I found that I could extend their power usage by using third party apps. Here are ten best Android apps that will help your phone stay longer on battery.


1. Overclock Widget

It can help the CPU perform as per your wish and to a certain extent can even monitor its speed. It enhances game speed such that of Angry Birds and when it is set to lower levels of frequency, the  battery life increases automatically.

2. Power Manager

Extends your battery life and manages the power usage of your phone. New settings can be added to your phone as well as the phone conditions could be changed as per conditions prevalent. Typical examples in this regard would be screen timeout during the duration of a call along with low battery.

3. Battery Monitor Widget

Have you ever checked the performance of your Android tuner free. It is the complete tool to enhance the performance of your battery. It shows historical data, estimation of run in times, detects battery ageing etc., All these factors collectively improve the performance of the battery. In the midst of all this, it needs to be kept in mind that all android phones do not support this feature.

4. Free Power Manager

One can conserve the battery life in the best possible way. This software tends to be free and the premium version of it does not have any advertisement. One can choose to switch on or off phone functions like Bluetooth &  Wi-Fi. This application is free to use. It is one of the most powerful tools as far as power consumption is concerned & is quite popular.

5. Remote Power Manager

The Remote Power Manager is the ultimate solution. It is vendor dependant, integrated and above all free. There are three steps to get it started as one has to download the application, add the power management system and then control your connected Android device.

6. Free Power Manager Premium

This power saving mechanism was developed by a group of IT programmers who are keen enthusiasts as well. All their efforts are channelized to provide an effective solution to a user. In addition, it has green benefits.

7. Using the Power Control Widget

In the latest version of Android 1.6 one can place widgets on any home screens. This enables you to have quick control over GPS as well as screen brightness. One can use this to control the settings and turn them off to save battery power. This is relatively an easy shortcut as well.

8. Battery Booster

It is regarded as one of the coolest ways of monitoring performance of batteries. They have interfaces designed according to specifications which provide an idea of applications that are consuming maximum amount of power. In addition to this, real time updates about status of battery are also provided with the help of graphs. One can also toggle between various applications in the phone in an easy manner.

9. Easy battery Saver

Designed as an effective application for better power management as well as battery optimization, this is a must for your android device. Whether your phone is idle or you are multitasking, this tool has 4 major power saving nodes which can extend your battery life by more than 50 %.

10. System Panel Lite Task Manager

This integrates system monitor, task manager along with detailed device information. Moreover, there are no ad pop ups and it strives to enhance application related battery problems.

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