10 Best Project Management Tools

Updated on : 30th March, 2017Collaborative tool are software designed to help a group of people involved in a common task/tasks achieve goals working together, more effectively and efficiently. Collaboration tools are many out there and on the rise...


Google Android Market infected with Malware

Updated on : 21st April, 2016Looks like there’s no stopping from Malware’s sneaking into Google’s Android App market. Though Google had launched the Malware scanning service recently, which boasted that it would help Google filter out possible...

Awesome Things

An Umbrella that plays music when it rains

Updated on : 21st April, 2016Sounds like straight from the story tales, isn’t it? But its real. Two Berlin-based hackers Alice Zappe and Julia Lager created a “musical umbrella”, one that creates a random series of lo-fi 8-bit tones that sounds like...

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