Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in Chennai

Updated on : 30th March, 2017What’s the next big thing in Android mobile space? The Samsung Galaxy S4 without any doubt. Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to be out in the market pretty soon, and has all the Android fans raving about it already. Chennai is one of the most popular markets for Android phones in India, along with Bangalore and [...]


4 Healthy tips to get skinny

Updated on : 30th March, 2017Let’s admit it hands down that no one likes to be fatty in the first place. Losing weight is something that many of us have struggled with and we only look for solutions that are easy and work rapidly. While the fast weight loss tips work to an extent, you cannot always rely on them for getting skinny. If [...]


How to get rid of razor bumps

Updated on : 21st April, 2016All of us wish to have a smooth skin as that makes us look confident and we tend to feel positive when we look attractive. However, there are times when things like skin irritation and razor bumps get the better out of us. The problem is most spotted in men and women who have sensitive skin types. So, what [...]


How to get rid of canker sores

Updated on : 21st April, 2016There is no particular reason why they might cause us trouble, but Canker Sores do hurt and irritate us. They turn your favorite foods into nightmare’s and would make their stinging presence felt, time and again. Generally, canker sores take around 1-2 weeks to heal, but if you take necessary steps, they may [...]