How To Make An Online Shopping Store

So, you want to create the next Louis-Vuitton and don’t know how to. Cool, let me help. Creating an online shopping store is easier than ever. Thanks to all the tools available today that will open and get your store running in a click and few minutes. Keep in mind that although many stores help you open a store, not all will let you run them for free. Some have commissions on sales while some have processing fees on each transaction. However, almost all of them have easy set up processes.

10 Ways To Make An Online Shopping Store

Let’s start with the popular choice first – Shopify.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular app for creating your online store easily and start selling your products quickly. The main features of the app include Theme store with more than 100 ecommerce templates,theme settings editor for customizing the theme,creating your own theme,creating customer groups, a complete blogging platform for your site,choosing from multiple languages and currencies,secure shopping carts which accepts payments from trusted payment gateways like credit cards,PayPal etc, free SSL certificate,simple checkout supporting more than 50 languages,automatic carrier shipping rates,certified PCI compliant, your own domain name etc.

2. Goodsie

Goodsie is one of the best apps for creating a professional and stylish shopping store without any knowledge of HTML. The main features of the app include visual CSS interface with all the formatting and pixel level customization,beautiful and stunning themes,variety of payment gateways like Google Wallet,Braintree,Stripe etc, optimization for mobile version of the website,sending email campaigns based on the order history of the customer,sales analytics for your store,custom domain name and favicon,coupon system,flexible shipping rules,multiple user accounts,traffic analytics of the store etc.

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3. Highwire

Highwire is a great app for creating and managing your online shopping store. The main features of the app include theme store with professional pre built templates,template editor for HTML or CSS,custom domain name,promotional tools like discount codes,gift certificates etc,email marketing,integration with various channels like Facebook,Google etc,easy product management with multiple product options and categories,complete order history,customization for mobile version of the site,reliable shipping carriers,support for payment gateways like PayPal,Google checkout etc.

4. Miiduu

Miiduu is the popular app for creating your online store free. The main features of the app include professionally designed templates with option for customization,CSS or Template editor for editing the templates,unlimited and configurable product options,marketing tools like flexible coupons,gift cards,affiliate programs etc,supports over 20 payment gateways like PayPal,Google checkout,supports over 100 currencies and 30 languages,secured and reliable shipping carriers,creating a fully functional store with Facebook,integration with Google analytics,order management,feature rich customer account etc.


5. Wazala

Wazala app is used to create your online store in a fast and simple way. The main features of the app include store designer with beautiful themes in various colors,fonts and images,simple product editor for creating product lists in various categories,support for various payment gateways like PayPal,Stripe etc,shipping and tax calculations,notification of new orders,inventory tracking,customer management,promotion options like discount codes,integration with Facebook,integration with Google analytics,support for multiple languages and currencies etc.

6. Tictail

Tictal is used to create your online shopping store in minutes. The main features of the app include professionally designed templates,custom domain name,HTML or CSS Editor,EV Certified secure checkout,support for payment gateways like Credit cards,PayPal etc,notifications of customer orders immediately,password protection for your store,integration with Facebook,support for multiple currencies and tax rates,shipping options with reliable carriers,inventory tracking etc.

7. MadeFreshly

MadeFreshly is a free app for creating your shopping store easily. The main features include simple and elegant templates,custom domain name with favicon,uploading pictures easily by drag and drop method,adding categories and sub categories,product options like size,color,reliable shipping carriers,discount codes,customization for mobile version of the website etc.

8. Supadupa

Supadupa is used to create your own shopping store free. The main features of the app include ecommerce design templates,custom domain name,banner slideshows,adding products,logo,category etc,promotion tools like coupons and discount codes,supports payment gateways like PayPal,Credit cards etc,integration with Facebook etc.

9. Jumpseller

Jumpseller is a professional app for creating your own shopping store. The main features of the app include professional themes with option for customization,HTML or CSS editor,creating custom HTML theme,custom domain name with your own logo,support for multiple languages and currencies,supports various payment gateways like PayPal,Skrill,easypay etc,order management etc.

10. Freewebstore

Freewebstore is used to create your online shopping store within minutes. The main features of the app include professional templates with various colors,unlimited product options,secure SSL connection,supports payment gateways like PayPal,Google Checkout etc,support for multiple currencies,creating your own shipping rules,order notifications and management,integrates stock control,Google Analytics,daily stock reports etc.

What kind of store are you looking to set up? Do you know of other ways to set up an online store? Let me know in comments please.

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