Netflix for Rs.5 in India?

Netflix India

Can you get Netflix for Rs.5?

Sounds like Netflix is rolling out a promotional offer, which will offer one month of Netflix subscription for Rs.5 in India!

That’s like 70 cents for a month’s subscription! Whoa!

Perhaps Netflix has realized that it’s time to acknowledge the fact that India is a price-sensitive market.

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Between Amazon Prime and Netflix, Amazon Prime has gone a long way ahead into tapping the regional language market in India.

This is very visible by the kind of partnership Amazon India has been getting into recently. Almost all regional blockbusters are available on Amazon Prime, but not Netflix.

Netflix seems to have gotten ahead of the original content game though. With exclusive web-series they produced.

But, in my opinion, India is all about movies. To get the grassroots in India, you need to have a good bite of the movie-watching population.

In rural India, nobody even knows what a web series is. Duh.

Anyways, seems like the online streaming wars are going to get tougher from here on.

According to NDTV, Netflix India is all prepped to launch the Rs.5/month promotion.

Bring it on, I say!

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