Nano GPS Chip in Rs. 2000 Notes – Fake or Real?

So, yesterday India Govt. announced that Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes will not be legal tenders anymore. Along with that, another news broke out that there are going to be Rs.2000 notes introduced. Many of us saw the pictures of Rs. 2000 notes via WhatsApp forwards as well. But what caught my attention was the use of “Nano GPS Chips” in these 2000 notes.

Many WhatsApp forwards claimed that the new Rs.2000 notes will come embedded with Nano GPS chips that can track the location of these new notes.

Sounded too good to be true to me. Why? First because, this sounds straight out from a James Bond movie. Being able to track location of individual notes via chips. Sounds like a master stroke to curb black money. But wait, is it real? I did some research on this and the results are interesting.

Here’s what Zee News (link not available now or taken down) said…

Now, the interesting thing is, as per reports, the new Rs 2000 notes are embedded with a micro Nano GPS chip which will help locate the position of the currency via a satellite.

The first of its kind and definitely a major blow to black money hoarders, the GSP chip will act as a tracker and help locate the exact location of the currency via a satellite.

According to reports, the chip has been fitted in such a way that it can detect Rs 2000 notes even from 120 meters below the ground.

Reports further states that if one tries to tamper the nano GPS chip, the Rs 2000 will become damaged and unusable.

So, with the new Rs 2000 note with the GPS chip help in the fight against black money? Only time can tell.

This is not verified information.

What the Rs. 2000 note actually show

  • A picture of “Mangalyaan”
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s picture
  • Never before seen “pink” color
  • Denominational numeral २००० in Devnagari
  • See-through register with denominational numeral 2000
  • Latent image with denominational numeral 2000
  • Micro letters ‘RBI’ and ‘2000’ on the left side of the banknote
  • Windowed security thread with inscriptions ‘भारत’, RBI and 2000 on banknotes with colour shift. Colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted
  • Guarantee Clause, Governor’s signature with Promise Clause and RBI emblem towards right
  • Denominational numeral with Rupee Symbol, ‘2000’ in colour changing ink (green to blue) on bottom right
  • Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right, Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype (2000)  watermarks
  • Number panel with numerals growing from small to big on the top left side and bottom right side

Nano GPS Chips on Rs.2000 notes isn’t true

I went through all Govt. public press release documents and other related information and nowhere does the RBI mention that the new notes come equipped with Nano GPS Chips. However Trak noticed that there could indeed be a possibility of installing a GPS chip in notes, if RBI wanted to. But again, if RBI wanted to do it, they wouldn’t advertise it, would they?

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