Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card for Movie Lovers

Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card has been designed exclusively for movie goers. Kotak bank has collaborated with PVR cinemas to offer deals on movie tickets. This card is beneficial for movie lovers and you have many interesting benefits attached to it. Kotak Bank credit card is accepted throughout all outlets and allows you to the benefit of cashless shopping.

Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card Review


– Avail 2 free tickets from PVR on every spend more than 7500 or above on the completion of one month.
– This offer is available throughout the year.
– You can also avail one free movie ticket on Rs 750 spent at PVR Cinemas.
– The card also gives you the benefit of getting add on cards for your relatives and they are also eligible for the benefits. Here the principal cardholder can set the credit limit on add on card.
– The card comes with insurance called the PVR Shield. It will protect you for any unauthorized transactions coming in after a theft or loss of card
– The insurance cover is for 75000 and it is available for both primary as well add on card holders.


Annual FeeRs 999
Add on FeeRS 299 per card
Interest3.4% per month
Card ReplacementRs 100
Over limit chargesRs 500

Get free movie tickets

The Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card gives you the benefit of getting free movie tickets. But there is a procedure involved in availing it too. Here are the steps to get the tickets as soon as possible.

– Once you have completed the eligible criteria for availing tickets you will get an SMS or email alert mentioning the details.
– Now you have SMS your details to a mentioned number and you will get the coupon codes. These codes can be used to get PVR tickets within a period of two billing months.
– Visit your nearest PVR cinemas.
– Give your Kotak PVR credit card and the details of the free movie tickets.
– Now once your details are verified the PVR counter staff will give the tickets to you.
– Now visit the PVR website and choose your movie as well the seats.
– Under the payment section choose the MCOUPON tab and enter details like credit card number and registered mobile number.
– You will have to make balance booking fee and get your tickets booked.

This facility allows you to redeem up to 10 tickets at a time.

Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card Pros

The Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card gives you the benefit of availing movie tickets without any difficulty.

MK Money Tips

Avail the benefit of cashless shopping with credit card.

The annual charges of Rs 999 is nominal and is pretty affordable for all.

The offer for availing tickets is all round the year.

The redemption of movie tickets is pretty easy and can be done by all.

The insurance cover is also helpful in case of theft or loss of card.

Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card Cons

The interest of 3.4% per month is not high but it is a cost to be borne by the customer for the services.

The add on card comes with a charge of Rs 299 per card.

Overall, it is a nice card to have if you are a regular at PVR movies. Me for some reason have an aversion for those over priced pop corn, but if you love it, go for it!

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