Jio Offer for iPhone Users – Free voice calls + 20 GB Data

Did you buy the iPhone 7 yet? If not (or yes), this offer from Jio will make your jaw drop. Reliace Jio has offered an unbelievable offer for all iPhone buyers in India. And it goes like this..

Reliance Jio offer for iPhone users

Free voice calls, 20GB of data and unlimited SMS for one year, worth Rs 18,000, to all new iPhone users (iPhone 7, iPhone 7S) on its network.

Wowza! Ain’t that too much? Looks like Jio is all set to be the “only” premier internet network in India by eating into the iPhone market – which is the wealthier chunk of the market. iPhone users are known to be spenders and high data users. If Jio can get to them early on, there’s no stopping Jio.

As for a buyer, if you’ve been waiting to buy the iPhone 7 or just bought one, this is the best time to make use of the Jio offer.

However, there are concerns from users about what will happen to Jio users after December of 2016. Will Jio raise its prices? What if they do? Can you switch to another carrier?

These are important questions that still remain unanswered for Jio users in India. To top that, this iPhone offer for Jio users is only available from January 2017 – which is a bummer!

According to the plan, iPhone users will not only get free and unlimited voice including STD while roaming, but also 20 GB monthly 4G data and 40 GB WiFi data. Not only that. They’ll get unlimited local and national SMS, 30 minutes of ISD calls along with a rate cutter plan, and Rs. 1,250 worth of subscription to Jio apps.

If I was waiting for the iPhone 7, this is the time I will get one! Thanks Jio.

Edit: If you’re buying the iPhone 7 from Reliance Retail or Apple store with a Jio connection would get the ‘Welcome Offer’ completely free till December 31, 2016.

From January 1, all iPhone users will get the Rs. 1,499 plan completely free for 1 year, which equals value worth Rs 18,000.

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