Top 10 International Tour Operators in India

Who doesn’t love vacations? It brings in so much joy and excitement to everyone – I for one, love vacations!

One could go around the world, visit places, and spend some wonderful stress-free time with family and friends. However, in order to have a hassle free vacation, it has to be well planned and organized.

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To make your trip worthwhile and enjoyable, always go for experts. Of course, you can do all the reading on forums but when it comes to execution, tour operators are your best choice.

Here are the best tour operators in India.

1. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is one of the most sorted names in the travel industry. They offer a broad spectrum of services which include Foreign exchange, Travel Insurance, Leisure Travel, and Corporate travel facilities. In 2011 and 12, Thomas Cook has been privileged with the Favorite Specialist Tour operators award at the Conde Nast Traveler Readers Travel Awards.

They provide tour packages both in India and abroad to countries like Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Their tour packages include Cruise Holidaying, flight services, hotel stay facilities, foreign exchange options, travel insurance, and assistance on Passport and Visa facilities. On the whole, Thomas Cook is a one-stop solution for a wonderful holidaying anywhere in the world.

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2. Cox and Kings

One of the oldest travel company in the world is what Cox and Kings are. They have their offices both in India and abroad and provide excellent services to their customers for tours. The main services they provide include Holidaying tour packages, both in India and abroad, trade fairs, foreign exchanges, insurance, business travel, and many more. Truly a wonderful experience in the world of travel it is when being with Cox and Kings.

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3. Riya Travel and Tours

Riya is a popular name in the travel and tourism industry and has more than ten years of experience dealing with domestic and international tours.

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4. Dook Holidays

Dook Holidays is yet another tour operator that provides excellent facilities both for tours within India and abroad. They strive to get the best for their customers.  They provide all facilities at competitive rates for their customers. Their international tour packages include locations like Europe, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South East Asia, and also to many places in India. They provide all facilities right from the start of your travel till you are back. A wonderful experience you could go through when being with them.

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5. Oceana Travels Pvt Ltd

For any kind of travel-related services you need, Oceana Travels is the best place. They make their customers the most comfortable positions and get them the best services from their travel to stay facilities. They have great tie-ups with more than 3000 hotels across India and a wide range of selections abroad too, which makes it easier for them to get their customers the best locations.  Not only through India, but international tours are also being assisted by them to locations that include Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Australia.

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6. Oxygen Holidays Pvt Ltd

Oxygen Holidays is a premium Corporate Travel management company that provided professional assistance to travel companies and also tour packages to locations across India and abroad. They have professional experience in domestic and international air travel, accommodation, car rentals, documentation of visas and passports, Travel insurance, all at the best competitive rates.

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7. Life Line Tourism Pvt Ltd

They are one among the leading operators in the travel and tours and have been approved by the Government of India, Department of Tourism. They have wide ranges of services which include travel bookings to getting you back to the destination, all-inclusive or travel, and stay. They have tour packages for both within India and abroad countries like Thailand, Dubai Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. They truly make your holiday a wonderful experience.

8. APJ Tours and Travels

This is one of the leading travel and tours company in India. They provide excellent services to both domestic and international tours and their services include air tickets, holiday packages, car rentals, domestic stay facilities, and many more. Apart from wonderful tour packages for locations across India, they provide tour packages at international levels to destinations like Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America. They truly make your holiday a wonderful experience and memory to be cherished.

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9. Southern Travels India

Whether you plan to holiday within India or anywhere abroad, Fruit Trip makes sure that you get the best services. Their services include ticket bookings, luxury holiday packages, wonderful stay facilities, and many more. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all locations in India they cover-up, and also abroad destinations like Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai are also covered by them. They make sure that you get those cherished moments in life when taking their services.

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10. Travel Mint

This one of the most prominent and professional travel companies. They provide excellently and professionals services to their customers and having more than 10 years of experience just makes them the right choice to pick for a holiday package. Their International destinations include Europe, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, and also destinations across the country. They have excellent tour packages that make the entire trip a memorable one.

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11. Spark Destinations

One of the best travel and tour companies that provides excellent services to their customers in holiday packages for both in India and abroad. Their services include right from booking of tickets till you get back safely, all that you need. Abroad destinations include Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and many more. One of the best to choose when planning a holiday with your family and friends.

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These are just a few travel and tour companies that aid in holiday packages across India and various foreign destinations. You could pick one based on your location, availability, easy accessibility, and the comfortability of the services they provide.

Choose a destination of your choice and get to the best tour operator to make the planned holiday a wonderful and memorable one,  that you would cherish all through your lifetime.

Have you had experiences with any of the international tour operators mentioned above? Let me know in the comments, please.

P.S: If you are a tour operator/travel agency in India who should be on this list, please contact me.

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