10+ Instagram Apps To Do Cool Things With Your Photos

Instagram is huge. Make no mistake. When it initially rolled out, people dismissed it for another fancy app. But today, it has over 400 Million monthly active users! That’s proof enough of its growth. And personally, I love the app, silly or not. I mean, today you got folks like NASA, Google and Tesla on Instagram. For all Instagram lovers out there, here are 20 amazing tools, that will let you do creative stuff with Instagram!

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1. Latergram – Schedule your Instagram photos.

Wait, what? Yup. You heard it right. Latergram lets you schedule your future Instagram photos. Simple!


2. Grum – Post on Instagram from your laptop

Add filters, use multiple accounts and all of that right from your laptop or PC. You don’t even have to use the app or your real-estate deprived phone. Check out Grum.

MK Researching

Post on Instagram from your computer – Grum

3. Browse through Hyperlapse videos

Just sit back, relax and enjoy all the hyperlapse videos on Instagram!

4. Print your Instagram photos on a real poster!

Just create a beautiful wall poster of all your instagram photos. Check out My Year Printed.

My Year Printed

5. Meet people through Instagram

Did you know there’s a fun way to meet people through Instagram? But then, that would be Tinder, right? I thought so too. Nope, this is different. Check out Glimpse.


6. Get panoramic photos on Instagram

Panorama makes everything so much more awesome! Check out this app, which’ll help you take Panoramic photos on Instagram.

Instapan Create panorama videos for Instagram on the App Store

7. Make a cool picture board from your Instagram photos!

Make cool looking picture boards (theme based picture collages) from your Instagram photos using this free app.

Hashboard Turn Your Instagram Photos Into A Beautiful Photoboard

8. Create a Twitter wall & Instagram stream from your  hashtags

Say, you are at an event. Use this tool to show off all the photos and tweets on a huge wall. Well, the wall doesn’t come with it though. Check out the app here.

Free twitter wall and Instagram stream for events

9. Print your Instagram photos on Marshmallows.

Yes, you heard it right. Marshmallows. This is your gift next Christmas! Check it out here.

Boomf multi sensory magical marshmallows. Mmmm Boomf

10. Create Photo mosaics from your Instagram photos

Put them all together. Put it to good use.


11. Make Tattoos from Instagram photos

Temporary ones, but they’re cute anyways. Here.

Picattoo Create tattoos from your Instagrams

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