India to USA Visit – Travel Tips for May 2017

So, it’s May and Spring is in the air. What better time to visit USA than now! Here are some tips for those planning to visit USA in May!

  • Parents visiting USA
    If your parents are visiting USA during this time, make sure that they come early in and not wait for May. As May – June is when school starts in India and USA to India tickets rates are high during this time.
  • Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
    If you are traveling (or your parents or relatives) make sure you sign up for traveler’s/visitor’s insurance. A little precaution can save you hundreds of Dollars.
  • Visiting India for the first time?
    If you are visiting India for the first time, make sure that you go through these tips and tricks for first time visitors to USA.
  • Documents
    Make sure you carry your documents during travel, safe. Just as a backup, make sure you take scanned copies or photographic copies of your important documents and save in your phone or email it to yourself as attachments. These days, immigration is tough so it helps to carry documents with yourself all the time.
  • Aadhaar card
    If you are in India and traveling to US for some time, make sure you get your Aadhaar and PAN cards (if you don’t have one) before you travel. You won’t need it in US but it’ll be a while before you are back. And there are many regulations coming in India regarding Aadhaar card. Why skip it? Get yours before you travel to USA.
  • Get a good credit card before travel
    US is a plastic economy. Which means that you are better off paying everything by credit card, (even though you can pay by cash). So, before you travel to USA, get an international travel credit card from India itself. It will come in handy during your travel.
  • What to buy from USA to India?
    If you are traveling back from USA to India, here are a list of items you can carry back. Make sure you don’t carry the things immigration don’t want you to.
  • Guide for parents visiting USA
    If your parents are visiting USA, give them this guide. It’ll be very handy!

Happy travels! Eenjoy.

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