20 Best IELTS Coaching Centers in India

IELTS is much in demand in India these days. I get a lot of questions on emails asking about how to go about finding the right training centers. More than 1 million students take the test every year and this number is only rising. With students aspiring to go abroad for studies, IELTS becomes important for anyone trying to move the needle and making it big. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what IELTS is and which are the best IELTS coaching centers in India.

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. As the name implies it is basically an English test for testing the proficiency of the language in an individual. The test system is jointly managed by the British Council,IDP education ltd and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and more than 1 million candidates are taking the exam all over the world.

The test has two versions : 1. Academic 2. General training

Academic  version is for people who plan to continue their higher education by enrolling in universities in countries like US,UK,Australia,Canada,New Zealand etc.The academic institutions in these countries consider the IELTS score as a criteria for the admission process.

General training is mostly for immigration purposes in countries like Australia,New Zealand,Canada etc. It may also be used for work experience or training in a non academic field.

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Should you take online tests instead of going to a local institute?

In my opinion, local institutes have a disadvantage. Since most of the colleges are franchises, which means that even though they might have the same brand, the teachers and education in respective local institute will be different. As a result, students does not get the same quality of education. This is the reason why most institutes get a bad reputation.

Online courses on the other hand are easy to take. They are cheaper and of higher quality. Also, you can take it from anywhere, anytime. Be it a student or someone who is already working somewhere, you can take an online course and win big in IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT exams easily. I suggest this online course – their prices are cheaper and the quality is amazing with great study material! Try it out.

Understanding IELTS Examination format

The duration of the IELTS examination is 2 hours and 45 minutes and it is divided into four sub categories.

Listening (40 minutes)
Reading (60 minutes)
Writing (60 minutes)
Speaking (11-15 minutes)

The questionnaire is different for academic and general version.

The test is conducted every year in around 500 locations across the globe and each test center can conduct the test 4 times per month depending on the demand. So totally tests can be conducted 48 times per year. There is no time limit for the candidates to take the test again.

The test dates , fees and the nearest IELTS center can be found from the IELTS official website

The test fees in India is Rs.9300 (it varies with country) and the test report will be available after 2 weeks from the date of test.

Understanding IELTS Scores

The maximum score that can be attained in IELTS is 9 and there is no concept of pass or fail in this test as the qualification criteria varies with universities. Most of the academic institutions expect the value to between 5.5 and 7. Some universities expect the score to be as high as 8.5. The meaning of the scores are below.

9 – Expert User
8 – Very Good User
7 – Good User
6 – Competant User
5 – Modest User
4 – Limited User
3 – Extremely Limited User
2 – Intermittent User
1 – Non User
0 – Did not attempt the test

Top 20 IELTS Coaching Centers in India

Let’s see which are the top IELTS coaching centers in India…Here goes..

1. Jamboree

Jamboree is one of the oldest IELTS institute started in the year 1993 and headquarted in New Delhi. It also has centres in various parts of India which includes Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc. It also has centres in Nepal and UAE.

Course : TOEFL / IELTS Training (1 month )
The classes are held for 3 hours and twice per week. The course also covers mock test with real life scenarios.

2. British Council

British Council is an UK based international organization for helping students to study in various universities across the globe. It is available in 9 important cities in India like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad etc.

Course : IELTS Preparation – Regular ( 7 week : 42 hours ),IELTS Preparation – Intensive (5 days)

The courses are conducted in Chennai ,Delhi , Hyderabad and Kolkata.

3. Megamind

Megamind is a popular IELTS institute in Delhi approved by the British Council and IDP and it offers unique training program for the IELTS examination having all the latest material.It also provides flexible class timings.

4. Manjoorans Group

Manjoorans Group is one of the largest educational institution in India which offers coaching classes for many tests including IELTS. Its centres are located in many parts of Kerala and also in Dubai.

5. IELTS Guru

IELTS Guru is located in Hyderabad and is an authorized coaching institute by British Council.It provides separate sessions for each of the four sections of the IELTS and offers weekdays as well as weekend courses.

6. Fateh education

Fateh education is one of the best IELTS coaching institute in Delhi and is awarded tier 3 status by British Council.It has also centres located in Chennai,Kolkata and Bangalore.It is also located in UK.

7. 1st Impression Personal Skills Studio

1st Impression is an authorized coaching institute in Chennai and provides the module based training for IELTS examination. The total duration of the course is 1 month and it covers all the four sections of the test separately.

8. Olive

Olive Consultants are started in Chennai in the year 1996 and has been successful in helping students to get admissions in universities.It offers IELTS preparation classes depending on the university in which the student want to enroll.

9. Camford Academy

Camford Academy is one of the reputed coaching institute for IELTS in Trivandrum,Kerala.The normal course duration is 2 months. It also offers crash courses of one and two weeks duration.


Edwise Overseas education consultants is an IELTS coaching institute authorized by British council. It is located in more than 10 major cities in India including Chennai,Bangalore,Delhi etc. It has collaboration with many universities and it provides FREE IELTS coaching for students enrolling in those.

11. Anglo English

Anglo English is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified coaching institute located in Chennai.It offers IELTS training separately for the Academic and General version and the total duration of the course is 80 hours which can be completed in 1 month (4 hrs/day) or 2 months (2 hrs/day) or 15 days (6 hrs/day).It also offers online training.

12. The IELTS Academy

IELTS Academy was founded in 2002 in Bangalore and has been conducting the coaching classes since then.It offers regular(4 weeks),weekend(4 weeks) and crash (2 weeks)courses.It also conducts practice session for 15 days and mock test every week for all the above courses.

13. The Lyceum

Lyceum is a renowned coaching institute in Chennai and conducts classes for all the major tests including IELTS.It provides training separately for the academic and the general version of the IELTS test on weekends.

14. KIC Education

KIC Education is one of the noted coaching institute in Mumbai. The KIC IELTS program is designed in such a way that it is not time bound and rather it is result oriented. It also conducts 5 full length practice test before the test date.

15. Sowrya Consultancy

Sowrya consultancy is one of the best coaching institute in Hyderabad for providing training for overseas education.It has collaboration with many universities across the globe and provides free IELTS coaching for students who wish to enroll in those universities.

16. KCPI

Kulpvriksh Career Planners Institute Pvt. Ltd. (KCPI) was established in the year 2008 and has been providing coaching classes for various examinations including IELTS.It aims to make the students to attain a score of 7 and above in the exam.

17. Aptech English Learning Academy

Aptech English Learning Academyis part of Aptech LTD, one of the premier training institute India for more than 20 years.The training or course duration for IELTS is 45 hours and it offers flexible timings.It has centers located in more than 10 major cities of India including Bangalore,Delhi etc.

18. Career Makers

Career Makers is one of the renowned coaching institute in Delhi.The course duration for IELTS is 30 or 60 hours which can be taken on weekdays or weekends.It provides extensive study material and CDs for the students.

19. Academy of British English

ABE is located in Delhi and uses latest methods and materials for conducting classes for IELTS examination.The duration of the basic course is 2 weeks and advanced course lasts for 4 weeks.

20. Dilip Oak’s Academy

Dilip Oak’s Academy is located in Pune and provides coaching for almost all the international tests including IELTS. The duration of the course is 1 months and it also conducts tests separately for all the four sections in the IELTS test.

Are you attempting the IELTS test? Have you gone to any of the above mentioned IELTS coaching centers – what was your experience?

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