How to Save Money When Going Out for Movies

Did you know that the world’s largest family, comprising of a father, 94 children and 39 wives, resides in India? Structurally speaking, joint families usually include three to four generations living together, including grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and all their children. If you too live in a joint set up, you know that a family outing can burn a hole in your pocket! 

Having said that, one of India’s favorite family outings is going out to watch a good movie. Global box office receipts reached a whopping $38.6 billion in 2016, says an article on Motion Picture Association of America. I’m sure India has a key part to play in that figure! However, to make movie times with family more budget friendly, here are some simple tips to save money on these outings. 

Ways to Save Money at the Movie Theater

Heading to watch a movie can be a totally guilt-free activity if you don’t bust your monthly budget on it. Here are some things that can help.

Plan the Outing in the Afternoon

Movie shows cost much less in the morning and afternoon shows on weekdays than in the evenings. This is solely because the demand is much higher after office hours on weekdays. Ticket prices tend to be higher during weekends and holidays, regardless of what time you pick. So, plan carefully.

Avoid 3D and IMAX Movies

As attractive as they might sound, 3D shows come at a premium price. And, not every member of the family will be as entertained by the experience. Kids might just remove the glasses and grandparents might be uncomfortable with the eye-straining visuals. However, 2D is enjoyable and, most importantly, will save you a few bucks. Also, not all movies are worth watching at IMAX theaters with those huge screens and high resolution. When you are out with the entire family, it is best to keep aside your desires to have a larger-than-life experience.

Skip Eating at the Theater

Make sure you and your family are well stuffed before setting out for the theater. This will keep you away from spending premium priced popcorn and coke. The snacks offered at multiplexes are always higher priced than usual. Imagine buying popcorn that costs over ₹200 for a group of 10 people! Definitely not worth it.

Check Out Group Offers

A trip to the movies with the family might sound great, but keep the expense in mind too! Tons of websites offer group deals with flat discount rates and cashback offers, depending on the number of people in the group. So, before purchasing the tickets, do some quick research on such offers to save money.

Grab the Specialty Discounts

A big family is likely to have kids, students and as well as senior citizens. Many theaters offer free movie tickets for kids for specific films or discounted tickets for senior citizens and students. Make sure to carry ID cards to avail these offers. Apart from this, you can also get discounts based on your association with specific brands, online stores, etc. Even using a specific bank’s debit/credit card could get you discounts on movie tickets. So, don’t forget to check for all types of discount offers. 

A movie with the entire family can be a memorable experience. Don’t let it become memorable for the wrong reasons. Some smart planning can help you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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