How to get wavy hair

Regardless of how much straight our hair appears, there are also several easy methods to make your hair wavy.

The simplest of course would be to braid your locks in small, loose sections when it is damp the evening before and sleep like that. Do not use elastic bands which are too tight as well as voila!

Get wavy hair with a curling iron

Wash hair and apply mousse when it is still damp. This will help your hair with much needed volume and touch if the hair is originally straight. In case you have wavy hair already, this method will help it get a new style. Dry the hair upside down using a blower. Don’t apply brush, simply your fingers!

Remove the curling iron out – the very best size is one which has a 1 and 1/4 in. wide barrel – you do not want the waves to become too small! Work from the underside section of hair to the top and make use of a clip to keep hair away while you curl a section.

how-to-get-wavy-hairTake 2 inch parts of hair and wrap it round the barrel of the curling iron (don’t open the clamp). Stop twisting your hair about 2 inches from bottom of the rod so that the ends are not curled. Pull downward as well as release the curls until your entire hair is carried out. Make sure that you don’t start twisting too near to the scalp – you would like your hair to appear naturally ruffled and wavy and never too “done”. When you are done, shake the hair out and spray with come beach squirt and voila!

Get wavy hair with pin curls

This is a retro way to have waves! You’ll require leave-in conditioner, a set of bobby pins and light hairspray.Wash hair and lightly mist hair with leave-in conditioner whilst it’s still moist. Do not dry it completely. If you leave it a little damp, it will be much easier to complete the pin curls. Section hair into 10-15 parts of hair about two inches wide. Take each part and wrap this around your fingertips and roll this and lock the curl against your head with the pin.

Let your hair to dry overnight and take away the bobby pins. Hair should have the waves! Lightly moist with hairspray and then run your fingertips through them. The best thing regarding the pin curl technique is that they be very durable!

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