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How to get rid of morning sickness

Being a mother is the most complete feeling in the entire world for any woman, and the process of being a mother is even more stimulating. However, pregnancy itself can bring a few side effects, and one of them is morning sickness. More than 50% women experience morning sickness, so in case, you are facing the same, you don’t need to worry. Morning sickness can last for the entire duration of pregnancy or can happen in between the second and sixth month. Just check some of the simplest ways to check this pregnancy side-effect.

Eat right for morning sickness


Rather than relying on the three large meals, get used to six small meals with crackers included. This will prevent the body from starving and help to get rid of hunger that often causes nausea and tendency to vomit. Include complex carbohydrates and proteins in moderation which can help in getting rid of nausea. Also, make sure plenty of fluids apart from water as that will keep your metabolism active. In case, you have been vomiting frequently, the body will have the essential fluids to keep you and your baby healthy.

Morning sickness and prenatal vitamins

Make sure that you have access to medical facilities from the time you know you are pregnant. Talk to a doctor and make sure that you take prenatal vitamin supplement to complete all the nutrients. It is important that you eat at a time when you are completely in a good mood. Avoid skipping the breakfast and make sure you don’t sleep with an empty stomach.

Keep the mouth fresh

Always make sure that you use the right toothpaste and rinse. Every time you vomit, make sure you use a rinse and make use of a mouth freshener. What is also important, is that you should keep your teeth and mouth clean because with the vomit smell, you may end up nauseating even more.

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Medicines and morning sickness

Although there is no universal medicine that is used for morning sickness, but doctors may prescribe a few medicines depending on the condition of the patient. You may be given antacids, Vitamin B6, Sugar solution along with Acupressure wristbands. However, don’t use any medication on your own because you can end up making a medical mistake that can be harmful for your baby.

With these tips in mind, bringing your baby to the world can be much more fascinating and less painful.

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