How to get rid of cockroaches quickly?

Cockroaches live almost everywhere and are considered to be one of the most disgusting bugs around. They say that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of cockroaches, but experts thoroughly disagree on that. Before we discuss few tips to get rid of cockroaches, let us take a quick look and find out why they enter our homes at all.

Cockroaches : Their part of the story


Few of the things that cockroaches require to survive include water, shelter and food. Thus, our rooms, kitchens and cupboards serve them well. Once they find a suitable place to hide and snack, they leave a scent trail for the other cockroaches to follow. The worst thing about cockroaches is the fact that they multiply at a rapid pace and thus they are hard to get rid of.
Tips to get rid of cockroaches

Do not keep food uncovered

Well, cockroaches generally come out in the night and search for food. Try not to keep food out in the kitchen. If you need to keep it out, make sure that it is kept in sealed containers. If there is a spill, remember to clean it before hitting the bed.

Cleanliness is a must

Cleanliness is an absolute must. Make sure that the trash cans have a cover and the cockroaches do not get to enter them. Do not leave the dirty dishes in the sink for a long time. Try getting rid of useless things in the store room or in the attic. Old newspaper pile, cardboard boxes and other things of clutter attract roaches and hence remember not to stock them at home.

Drains and leaks

Cockroaches tend to hide in the drains and cracks of the house, during daylight. If you want to get rid of them, you would have to seal these cracks completely. However, sealing the drains is not a possibility. Hence, fix the leaks and faucets, and keep naphthalene balls or bleach close to open drains.

Kill scent trails

One of the important ways of getting rid of cockroaches is to kill the scent trails left behind by other cockroaches. For this, clean the house with a solution of vinegar and water (one part each).

Following these simple steps would definitely help you get rid of cockroaches. However, if you feel that your home is heavily infested with these vile creatures, you shouldn’t hesitate and should rather seek help from pest control professionals.

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