How to get rid of bloating

Nobody wants to have their favorite jeans or gown fit too tight around the middle. Moreover you won’t feel your best if you think you have a bulky belly. Though, bloating isn’t a severe disease yet, there are certain medical conditions, which will be responsible for it for instance cirrhosis of the liver, bowel interferences, colon cancers etc.

If the signs and symptoms are persistent it is suggested that you consult your physician to get rid of bloating.


Know what suits you

Formation of intestinal gas is usually related to foods which generate gas. If the swelling is due to excessive gas, you need to know yourself and determine its specific reason, as different people react in different ways to gas-producing meals. A few people can’t consume red onion or potato; a few can’t bear carbonated beverages. It’s better to create a list of meals & drinks that have the effect of bloating and keep your hands off from them.

Take supplements

An additional choice to control excessive gas would be to have supplements along with digestive enzymes which assist in absorbing intestinal tract gas & decrease bloating. Activated carbon could be taken but you need to seek prior permission from the certified pharmacist prior to consuming dietary supplements. Insufficient indigestion is another reason for bloating. If this is your case, it’s highly recommended to ignore gas-producing foods or even eating supplements that might not help. Irrespective of the food you consume, you may still be affected by bloating after eating them. If this happens to you, you can get a natural remedy.

Short term fasting

Short-term fasting may be the best solution to get rid of bloating. Short-term fasting is an ideal way to revive your digestive tract. If you really feel “full”, better to get a twenty-four hour fast, your bloating symptom is going to be alleviated quickly. If you perform short-term fasting occasionally, you will bother about your bloating issue much lesser.

Eat at least six times a day

Eating food 6 times a day in less quantity rather than 3 large meals. Smaller meals will get digested easily and they produce less gas.

Avoid soda and packaged juice: Soda & carbonated drinks cause gastric problems. The sugar content in packaged juice can trigger bloating.

Stroll after food: Walking after having food can improve digestion and break down food particles in the stomach.

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