How To Get Rid of Cold Fast

Medicines have always proven to be effective against common cold but when used time and again, they tend to make the immune system weak. Thus, they make you prone to cold all the more. If you plan to stay fit and get rid of the cold real fast, then the below mentioned tips would definitely come in handy.

Exercise and diet

Regular breathing exercises keep your nasal passage clear and thus when you suffer from cold, these do not get choked. If you wish to recuperate out of cold, you would have to increase the intake of food, rich in Vitamin C. Hence, try to have more fruits to save you from the trouble.

Inhaling steam and having warm fluids

Use an electric kettle with a hole at the top, to boil water. Once the water starts boiling, slowly breathe the steam in. Sipping black tea or green tea are also of great help during severe cold. Also note that black tea has a less amount of caffeine in it and thus is not harmful as coffee. Instead it helps you fight the cold from inside.


Soda for bad throat

Gargling 2-3 times a day is a very good way of treating bad throat. In fact, it gives you great relief if done with a little amount of salt in the same. Even orange juice and lemon juice (mixed with honey) work wonders for the voice. If you do not have these, you may very well go for a bottle of club soda.

Keep active

Stay as much active as possible, but don’t force yourself. It so happens that if you remain in bed just because you are down with fever and cold, you tend to get weak all the more. A little activity is thus a good way of showing that you are trying to fight the menace.

Get more sleep

If you are suffering from cold, there is every possibility that you would be feeling very tired and weak. Thus, try not to push yourself too hard. Have at least 8-10 hours of sleep.

Going through a bout of cold is never fun. It ruins almost an entire weak. However, if you follow the little tips mentioned above, you have a good chance of recovering fast from the cold. These steps are more of a natural way of dealing with the trouble.

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