10 Best WiFi Apps To Boost Internet Speeds

If there’s one thing we all cannot enough of, it is WiFi speeds. No matter how fast your internet connection is, getting faster WiFi speeds is somehow tough. Blame it on WiFi router range, obstacles and other “unknown” factors. Making best use of your WiFi connection is an art. With a few apps and some tweaks, you can in fact get faster WiFi speeds that what you’re enjoying now. Let’s take a look.

Apps That’ll Help You Get Fast WiFi Speeds

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Find WiFi Signals like a boss!


This app can be used for both phones and tablets. You don’t have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi network as it scans for hotspots around you. The results of the scan are filters based on provider type and location. It works effectively no matter your device is on or off.

2. Get Automatic WiFi Status Updates

This is an app that does not need to run in order to work. If you are not connected to a network and Wi-Fi is turned on, you will receive a notification in your status bar. It is simple and easy to manage and does not drain the battery.

3. Wireless Tether for Root Users


This app allows clients to connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access the Internet by using mobile connection. It has a feature that either allows or denies clients to use your connection. On supported devices, you get Wi-Fi encryption and can reduce Wi-Fi transmit power.

4. Improve WiFi connection quality with graphical channel radar


This app allows you to find, connect and manage wireless connections. What’s awesome about this app is the feature that allows you to improve the quality of the connection with graphical channel radar. Home screen widgets, connection info display, single tap switch among networks, etc. are some of the features that you get with this app.

5. Manage Wi-Fi without using heavy resources


This is a widget that shows you the state of a Wi-Fi connection with an icon. Access point information is displayed and you can toggle Wi-Fi on or off and also make access point switches.

6. Turn your phone to a WiFi hotspot easily


This app can turn your phone into a wireless hotspot. It requires Root access and the app is great due to the fact that it is free, unlimited and open source.

7. Find the least crowded WiFi signal around you


This is a fantastic app that allows you to convert your Android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer. It lets you know the Wi-Fi channels around you and helps in letting you find the channel that is least crowded for your wireless router.

8. Wi-Fi Analytics For Complete WiFi Optimization


This tool analyzes the Wi-Fi networks around you and helps in optimizing the Wi-Fi network setup. The Signal Strength Widget is a new feature that gives you up-to-date and easy to access information regarding the current connection of your device.

9. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi


This is a free app that finds and automatically connects your device to a Wi-Fi network. Your battery life is maximized by turning Wi-Fi on, only when necessary.  It also helps you find, auto-connect and recall available hotspots in places you regularly go.

10. FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)


This app turns your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You don’t need rooting or tethering for this. Computers, tablets and game consoles can be connected. This is a free version that requires you to restart FoxFi to continue using it. To unlock this, you will need to purchase the full version.

Android phones and devices are better and more fun to use when there’s Internet connection. There are many fun things that you can do when you’re connected online. The whole point of having such a device is lost without online connection. The apps mentioned above allow you to gain access to a Wi-Fi network so that you stay connected to the Internet without having to pay a single cent.

When you have Wi-Fi network to connect to, you can make the most of your Android phone. With online connection, you can do many things apart from just surfing the net. Stay connected with friends, send important e-mails and play games online on your device with the help of your Wi-Fi connection and have fun!

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