How Easy is to get a US Tourist Visa from India

After changes in the foreign policy by the Trump Administration, many travelers might be wondering whether it is now more difficult for Indians to get a tourist visa for America. Well, the US visa process is still a lengthy one, but it is no more difficult than it has always been. In fact, if you follow the process accurately, providing honest and accurate information, there is no reason why you should be denied a non-immigrant B1/B2 visa. This visa allows you to stay in the US for a maximum of 6 months.

USA Tourist Visa Process for Indians

Before proceeding to apply for this visa, make sure the reason for your visit is tourism, business or medical treatment.

It is best to keep your passport in front of you while filling in the application form.

You can get the the DS-160 application form online, which you will need to then fill in accurately, providing all the correct and complete details, before submitting it to the US embassy or consulate closest to you.

Keep a copy of the form with you because you might be asked questions from it during the visa interview.

Along with the form, deposit the visa fee. Check for the correct amount online, since the rates do change from time to time.

Collect the receipt and keep the application number and receipt safely. It needs to be produced on the day of the interview.

You now need to book an appointment for the biometrics recording prior to the visa interview, as well as book a time for the interview. You might not get the biometrics and visa interview appointments on the same day, so plan accordingly.

On the biometrics entry day and for the visa interview, bring the copy of your D-160 form, visa fee deposit conformation page and your passport(s).

For the interview, keep your identity, address and other proof documents, such as bank statements, with you. If you are traveling for medical treatment, bring along your medical diagnosis report and a letter from your doctor advising treatment in the US. You can check the documents required for a visitor visa to USA here.

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