5 Best Home Based Business Ideas for Women

In a country where women are still considered the weaker sex, the Vice President of India has noted that 14% of the entrepreneurs in the country, that is 8.05 million out of a total of 58.5 million entrepreneurs, are women, says an article on Business Standard. If you have decided to contribute to this number, you’d be proud to know that about 57% women have started their businesses all by themselves and reached significant heights today. This has not only boosted the economic growth of the nation but has also exposed the potential of women.

Home-based Business Ideas for Women

If you looking to start a business that allows you to also take care of your home and family, here are a few home-based business ideas that could work.


The demand for cakes and everything sweet will never run dry! If you love experimenting with batter and chocolate chips, a bakery business could be a great idea for you. Setting it up will require a small investment in terms of equipment and ingredients and a bit of expertise. Begin with baking cup cakes and muffins, and as your business grows, move on to event cakes and bulk deliveries.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to promote yourself on Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms you can think of.


When it comes to culinary skills, Indian women are hard to match up to. Converting this skill into a business would mean minimum investment but reaching out to people on a large scale in your community. Carry out simple experiments with various ingredients. This will sharpen your skills and help you come up with unique ideas for your customers. You can either start cooking classes for beginners or advanced cooking classes with unique dishes for those who want to try something different. 

Quick Tip: When the business grows, consider opening a meal service too. 

Freelance Content Writer

eCommerce is growing in leaps and bounds, and large and small scale industries are on the lookout for professional content writers. Freelancing from the comfort of your home is a profitable business with zero investment, except a laptop and an internet connection. Most importantly, it does not bind you to fixed office hours. There are several online freelance sites that you could register with to access writing jobs. 

Quick Tip: Consider taking a short and affordable content marketing course beforehand to add a professional touch to your natural skill.

Day Care Service  

Crèches are a boon to working parents, particularly in large cities and metropolitans. They are constantly on the hunt for homely places, where they can leave their child safely, while they are at work. This business again needs little investment, except to childproofing your home. Make sure to create a fun place for children and check if you want to spend all day with young kids. 

Quick Tip: Use old toys and games your own children have grown out of to decorate the place instead of investing in new ones. 

Starting a business is not just about financial independence, but also a way to give wings to your dreams. So, go ahead and first check what you are passionate about. There is sure to be a business idea related to it.

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