Best Health Insurance Options for Green Card Holders

According to Visitors Coverage, there are a number of parents who do not stay with their kids permanently, instead come to visit them in the USA every six months or a year. These parents, in many cases, already have a green card. Even if the parents are visiting for a few days, it becomes more than important to arm them with a visitor’s medical plan or an immigrant health plan to ensure their good health in a foreign land, without the need of bearing the burden of expensive medical care in America.

4 Health Insurance Options for Parents Who Have a Green Card

Here are some visitor’s plans that satisfy the eligibility criteria for green card holding parents shuttling between the USA and their home country.

Inbound USA

If you are looking for a low cost visitor’s health insurance in America, Inbound USA is your best bet. It is a scheduled benefit medical insurance plan administered by Seven Corners for individuals travelling to the USA, including green card holder parents. The policy is available for a duration of 5 days up to a maximum of 364 days. You can purchase the policy both online and offline. However, when bought online, the renewal notice will be sent to you via e-mail two weeks prior to the policy’s expiry date. Read the Inbound USA plan brochure to view all the details.

Inbound Immigrant

Inbound Immigrant is a fixed coverage medical insurance plan designed for new immigrants to the United States, including parents having a green card. The policy offers cover from 5 days to 364 days, and can be renewed till it reaches 1,820 days. Other than covering for new medical conditions, accidents or injuries, Inbound Immigrant covers for an acute onset of a pre-existing ailment. In this policy, you need to pay the deductible once per incident of sickness or injury and doctor visits as well. After this, the insurer pays a fixed amount, defined in the schedule of benefits. The difference is then paid by you.

Green Cover

Green Cover, administered by Seven Corners, offers medical coverage to new immigrants (green card holders) aged 60 to 95 years, who are not yet eligible to purchase and avail benefits of Medicare. The best part is that Green Cover can be bought instantly, like travel insurance. The insurance is made available from as less as 5 days to as much as 364 days at a time, given the option to repurchase it after the tenure is over.

Bridge Plan

Non-US citizens who have green card holder parents aged 60 to 95 years who are waiting for their Medicare eligibility can opt for Bridge Plan insurance. As an interesting feature, this insurance can cover up to 11 months to 5 years at a time. The plan gives the buyer the opportunity opt for deductibles that can range from $1,000 to $10,000. After paying the deductible, the insurance pays 80% for the first $10,000 in eligible medical expenses, which is followed by 100% up to the policy maximum. The maximum sum assured of the policy is based on the age group:

For age group 60-74: $2,50,000

Age group 70-79: $ 50,000

Age group 90-95: $ 25,000

So, there you have it. I recommend you also check out tips to buy medical insurance mentioned here.

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