10 Health Hazards Of Using Cell Phones

Cell phones are a necessity in today’s world. They enable you to seamlessly communicate with other people for business or personal reasons.

For many of us, life without a cell phone is next to impossible.

However, there is a large group of people who believe that cell phone usage can cause variety of health problems. It has not been conclusively proven that usage of cell phones can cause any health problems.

10 Health hazards of using cell phones:

Let’s start with the first one.


This is a major concern for people who believe that cell phone usage causes health problems. There are quite a few people who believe that cancer is caused by the excessive use of cell phones. People believe that radiation emitted by mobile phones can cause cancer. However, many studies suggest that there is no relation between cancer and cell phone use.


This is another concern that has been voiced by many people. They believe that cell phones can cause infertility or reduction in fertility. A study conducted in 2008 indicated that men who carry their cell phones in their front pockets may produce low-quality sperms.

Cell phone elbow

Mobile phones have been recently thought to be a major cause of cubital tunnel syndrome which is also known as cell phone elbow. It is believed that bending your elbow frequently when holding the cell to your ear has an effect on the nerves in your arm. This in turn causes your arm to tingle and use of the hand is reduced.

Disorder of sleep pattern

There have been numerous studies to see if there is a link between cell phone usage and sleep disorder. In a recent study, it was indicated that people who use their mobile phones just before going to bed have more problems relaxing and sleeping compared to people who turn off their phones earlier.


You may have heard about awareness campaigns asking people to avoid texting and calling while they are driving. This is for good reason as it can distract drivers and cause accidents that are more times than not, fatal. Pedestrians too need to be cautious while walking and talking on their cell phones. While concentrating on their call, they forget that there is traffic and walk right into them.

Premature aging

A few years ago, there was a lot of hue and cry about the usage of cell phones being one of the causes of premature aging.

Worsening existing health problems

In a few cases, cell phones have been accused of aggravating existing health problems of a person. Many people are concerned that those who use Pacemakers will be negatively affected by cell phone use. Some studies claim that holding a cell phone directly on the chest can cause health issues. There have some reports of interference when mobile phones are used by people who already use hearing aids or defibrillators.

Unclear daily health issues

There are a number of vague health problems in people for which they like to blame mobile phones. Weight problems, headaches, skin problems and fatigue can be caused for a number of reasons. People like to say that they are sensitive to electromagnetic fields and hence, they suffer from vague health issues when they are exposed to cell phones.

Problems with mental health

Do you think it is possible that cell phones could affect our mental health?  There are many people who think so. Increase in memory loss and anxiety and decrease in attention span have been linked to excessive cell phone use and surprisingly, there are studies that show that it might be true.

Low quality of care from doctors

This is not directly linked to your health but it does have a connection. Numerous doctors have reported that the use of cell phones by patients lowers the quality of care they provide to patients. Constant interruption and the inability to focus causes doctors to perform their duty poorly if patients have their cell phones on during an appointment.

With a long list of health hazards caused by mobile phone usage, it is wiser to be careful and not depend too much on your cell phone. Although studies are not conclusive, it is best to be cautious just in case all the points mentioned above are true and not just myths.

References: Cancer, Wikipedia, Cell Phone Safety, CNN

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