20 Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most commonest items that you can find in any modern kitchen. Olive oil is used to provide a delicious taste in different recipes. Olive oil is extracted from olive plant & has natural healing properties and is therefore considered good for health. It offers several health benefits with its regular use and keeps the organs of the body intact and functioning smooth.

What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is classified as the highest variety of virgin oil that has nutritional value and benefits. The extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olive in a three layer manual process and there is no use of solvent while extracting the extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin oil is also free from acidic value as it contains only 0.8 cm of oleic acid per 100 grams of olive oil.

Because of their natural value, the extra virgin olive oil offers great health benefits and could be used  for different purposes.

20 Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Anti-inflammatory benefits: Extra virgin olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties hence it is helpful in reducing inflammation caused by virus and germs in the body.

Cardio-vascular benefits: Olive oil contains a substance called hydroxytyrosol (HT) which is  helpful in clearing blood vessels &  hence improves the cardio movement in the body.

Low fat content: Among various natural oils, olive oil is the only oil that has the lowest fat content.

Cholesterol-free: Another major health benefit of olive oil is that it has low quantity of active cholesterol. Hence, it is good for heart and lungs. It helps in maintaining optimum levels of  cholesterol in the body.

Good for hypertension: For those who are suffering from low blood pressure or a high blood pressure, extra virgin olive oil is the best natural remedy to control their blood pressure levels.

Cancer prevention: Researches have been conducted to ascertain the benefits of extra virgin olive oil in curing cancer. Though, these studies have never proven that olive oil could be used to treat cancer, but its regular intake could prevent cancer.

Improve liver function: The extra virgin olive oil has the least quantity of fatty acid, hence that is very effective in improving the liver function of the body. Olive oil greatly improves the liver function in the body.

Improves digestion: As extra virgin olive oil helps in improving the liver function, it also facilitates in improving digestion in the body. Medical research has proved that polyphenols present in the olive oil fights bacteria and hence improves digestion.

Prevents UTI infection: Some of the recent studies have proven that extra virgin olive oil prevents urinary tract infections in people.

Improves metabolism: It has also been found that the metabolic rate of the body improves with the continuous intake of extra virgin olive oil. As extra virgin olive oil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents, it helps in improving metabolism in the human body.

Improves immune system: There is no synthetic or additional solvent added to extra virgin  olive oil during extraction, therefore it remains 100% pure and helps in improving the immune system of the body.

Genetical growth: Another most adorable thing about extra virgin olive oil is that it also facilitates in genetical growth of the body. There is also some quantity of zinc fiber present in the extra virgin olive oil that facilitates genetical growth of the body.

Skin-friendly: One of the most important attribute of extra virgin olive oil is that it is skin- friendly, hence it can be used for massage and lotion. Most of the spas use olive oil massage as a facilitator in revitalizing the body.

Bone-friendly: Most of the doctors recommend olive oil massage for joint pains. The olive oil is a natural antioxidant and has healing properties, which makes it ideal for getting immediate relief from joint pains.

Hair fertilizer: The extra virgin olive oil contains an immense quantity of vitamin E which is considered good for the hair. The use of olive oil on scalp stimulates better hair growth and dark lavishing hair.

Acne cure: People with mild to severe acne can use olive oil with salt scrub on acne and blackheads. It  is found beneficial for neutralizing the skin.

Sunburn: Some people use sunscreen that has high quantity of SPF. Extra virgin olive oil too has SPF which makes it effective in protecting the skin from UV. There are many natural sun screen creams available in the market that has some quantity of olive oils in them.

Improves memory: There is also some research that provides evidence that olive oil also helps in retaining memory. Though, it is not a memory booster, but still it helps in improving memory.

Helps in skin tanning: As extra virgin olive oil has vitamins and skin fertilizers, so it shows positive results on the skin. It also helps in skin tanning and making it smooth and as soft as silk.

Lip softener: Most people use extra virgin olive oil as a skin softener and have smooth shining lips. The natural property of extra virgin olive oil makes it non-sticky, which is good for getting softer lips.

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