20 Health Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil has several health benefits & it is used as an herbal supplement as it acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. The benefits of Evening primrose oil range from reducing cholesterol levels to resolving skin disorders. Please check below for 20 health benefits of Evening primrose oil:

1. Asthma and Whooping cough

Evening primrose oil is effective for the treatment of health conditions like asthma and whooping cough.  If you are suffering from any of the above health problems, it is advisable to drink tea after mixing it with evening primrose oil, twice a day.

2. Boils and Bruises

Evening primrose oil is effective in treatment of different kinds of skin inflammation.  Since it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a good remedy for bruises, boils and other types of skin inflammation.

3. Breast Cancer Treatment

Studies have been shown that evening primrose oil is beneficial in treatment of breast cancer.  Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acid GLA, so it produces a quick clinical response in breast cancer patients. It is recommended that evening primrose oil should be taken along with tamoxifen.

4. Beneficial in Pre-menstrual syndrome and Menopausal Disorders

Fluctuating levels of hormones in the body of a woman can cause health conditions like menstrual cramping, pre-menstrual syndrome and menopausal disorders.  Evening primrose oil is a good remedy to regulate the hormone levels in the body.

5. As an ingredient in cosmetics

Evening primrose oil is an ingredient in many moisturizers, masks and facial creams due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties.  It helps to make your skin smoother, softer and free from acnes.

6. To treat skin problems

Evening primrose oil is effective in treating skin conditions like dark circles, blemishes, wrinkles and age spots.  Apply a few drops of this oil to the affected skin area twice daily for speedy recovery.

7. Weight Loss

Evening primrose oil can be a good option to burn calories in your body and lose weight as the herbal properties of this oil increases the metabolism rate in the body.

8. Diabetic Neuropathy Benefits

Evening primrose oil can reduce the diabetic neuropathy symptoms, which is a nerve condition, causing pain, tingling and numbness in the feet.  Regular consumption of evening primrose oil helps to control the damage of nerves.

9. Remedy for rheumatoid arthritis

Evening primrose oil can be effective to reduce rheumatoid arthritis, swelling and joint pain.

10. Fight female infertility and impotence

Use of evening primrose oil can rejuvenate blood flow and help in treatment of causes of impotence. The GLA in Evening primrose oil also helps to improve uterine function and increase the chances of conceiving.

11. Nourish scalp, hair and nails

The rich sources of imperative fatty acids in Evening primrose oil help to nourish your scalp, hair and prevent cracking of nails.

12. Natural remedy for eczema

Evening primrose oil has been proven to act as a natural remedy for eczema.

13. Effective in  treatment of liver cirrhosis

Regular use of evening primrose oil can be beneficial to treat cirrhosis problem in liver.

14. Used for healing purposes

Evening primrose oil is used for healing purposes especially for those suffering from hemorrhoid.

15. Osteoporosis

You can increase calcium absorption in the body and improve bone formation if you add fish oil with Evening primrose oil and consume it regularly.

16. Useful in Alcohol Withdrawal

Evening primrose oil is helpful to treat the withdrawal symptoms in alcoholics.

17. Reduce cholesterol level

It is believed that Evening primrose oil is effective in reducing cholesterol levels and to improve the health of the heart.  It also helps to lower the risk of atherosclerosis.

18. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

Evening primrose oil reduces the risk of chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease due to Gamma-linolenic acid(GLA), an omega-3 fatty acid.

19. Multiple Sclerosis

The omega-6 fatty acids present in Evening primrose oil may be beneficial to improve health condition of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

20. Attention Deficit–Hyperactivity Disorder

In some children, deficiency of essential fatty acids may lead to a disorder called Attention Deficit–Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Regular use of evening primrose oil can show improvement.

Sources: Home Remedies, Health 2000

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