20 Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil is known to have many benefits, and it is recommended for people of all ages by doctors and experts alike.

If you are looking to get heath benefits of fish oil, take a look at some of them mentioned below:

Keeps heart in good shape: Fish oil should be consumed to maintain a healthy heart.

Eye sight healthy: Kids are encouraged to consume fish as it enhances their eye sight. Kids who eat fish in their food do not have to wear spectacles.

Fights disorders:  Fish oil is effective in fighting infection in blood and tissues. It is also helpful in curing gastrointestinal problem, short bowel disease and intestinal disorder.

Fight AIDS: Fish oil plays an important role in lowering triglyceride levels of HIV positive patients.

Controls blood pressure: Fish oil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties which help in bringing down levels of blood pressure.

Psychiatric treatment: Intake of fish oil helps in keeping away diseases which involve the brain. It helps in keeping your brain safe and work well.

Healthy nails: Fish oil plays an important role in keeping your nails in excellent condition as it contains nutrients like fats and soluble vitamins.

Healthy brain and nervous system:  It helps in increasing capacity of retention, analysis and detailing of nervous system and is fuel for the brain.

Cure for asthma:  People suffering from asthma should include fish in their diet.

Stops growth of tumors:  Fish oil can prevent growth of tumor. Tumor cells can be dangerous and can even result in death. For example, consuming cod liver oil.

Takes care of cholesterol: Fish oil helps to keep your cholesterol under control.

Cancer can be prevented: The 3 major types of Cancer are breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Omega 3 in fish oil helps in keeping cancer cells in good condition.

Shiny hair: Fish oil can make your hair shiny and glossy. The properties of Omega 3 prevent hair loss & helps in growing polished and glittery hair.

Helps in digestion of food: Fish oil helps in quick digestion of food.

Takes care of skin: Fish oil recovers dry skin & promotes healthy skin. It helps in treating common skin problems like itching, redness of skin, rashes, eczema & psoriasis.

For cheerful pregnancy: Baby’s eyes and brain is enhanced in the womb with the help of DHA already present in the mother. Fish oil intake with food is very important for preventing low weight at birth, miscarriage and premature birth.

Look Young: Omega 3 supplements in fish oil helps in decreasing rate of body’s aging process by extension of telemores.

Gives immunity: Taking fish oil is considered good for preventing cold and cough. Omega 3 in fish oil helps in increasing the immunity system in human beings. It also fights against fever and fatigue.

Change your mood: Consuming fish oil is effective in changing your mood. It helps increase brain memory and helps in cultivating manners in a human being.

Move away depression:  Fish oil is effective in fighting depression. A diet rich in fish oil is known to help in curing depression.

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