20 Foods That Help You Heal After Surgery

Undergoing a surgery is itself a painful experience, but what makes it even more painful is the post-surgery recovery process. After a surgery, the patient has to suffer many complications that could badly hamper their post-surgery life.

Though doctors prescribe lots of medications during post-surgery recovery, but taking those medicines can take a heavy toll on the patient. Apart from taking medicines, one  also need to take injections and pain killers regularly, when recovering from  a surgery. However,  there are many natural ways through which you can recover successfully after surgery.

Here are 20 foods that help in recovery after surgery

Fresh Beans
They are considered the best food ever that helps in post-surgery recovery. Beans are enriched with vitamin c and lots of minerals. Fresh unprocessed pulp of beans is a pure source of vitamin which stimulates the healing process in the body.

Leafy Vegetables
Leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander and cabbage have a great amount of natural protein fibers which are essential in post-operative healing.


Sweet Potatoes and Onions
Sweet potatoes and onions are a good source of carbohydrates and are enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals. Onion juice is a natural antioxidant which helps to detoxify the body and also improves the healing process.



Corns are considered as proactive agents and hence very good for post-surgery recovery. The corn sweet, or corn flakes are a good source of instant energy, hence good during  post-surgery recovery.

Carrots and Raddish
They are one of the best sources of natural deity fibers, hence stimulates healing process fast. Fresh carrot juice contains high amount of natural fibers and proteins that improves haemoglobin and blood circulation which is important for post-operative recovery.

They contain enriched fibers, proteins and carbohydrates which are a good source of energy and boosts the metabolism of the body that in turn helps in post-surgical recovery.

They are one of the most preferred fruit for post-surgical recovery. They are enriched with glucose and fructose which is good to improve immune system and preserve the energy.

Sweet Oranges
Sweet oranges have tones of energy in their juicy pulpy. They contain enriched glucose and carbohydrates, hence they are natural energy boosters. Sweet oranges are recommended for quick and speedy recovery after surgery.

Grape juice is full of vitamin c and other minerals & is a necessary vitamin supplement for body organs and tissues.

Watermelon and Pomegranate
They are a rich source of haemoglobin and helps in blood circulation plus creation of more blood. Post-surgery, every patient requires blood in order to heal and make recovery. These two fruits can stimulate the blood creation process and help in fast healing after surgery.

They are rich in carbohydrates, fibers, proteins and vitamins. Also they provide overall good nutritional value, hence effective in post-surgery recovery.

Cashew nuts
Like walnuts, cashew nuts are also a good source of vitamins, fibers and proteins. They can help in enhancing creation of fresh cells in the body & this will help in overall recovery after surgery.

They are enriched in carbohydrates, starch and sugar and delivers overall nutritional value. Every 100 grams of almond contains 26% of Carbohydrates which is good for post-surgical recovery.

Honey is a naturally extracted pulp & contains high-end nutrients that includes vitamins, fibers and carbohydrates. The use of honey is recommended for people post-surgery.

Cow Milk
There is nothing more energetic than cow milk during post-recovery. Cow’s milk is more recommended than buffalo milk because it has less fat and starch and can be easily digested. It also contains nutritional value which is useful during post-operative recovery.

They are enriched with soft fibers and lots of proteins. Different types of pulses are recommended for patients going through post-surgery recovery phase.

They are effective in post-recovery of patient from surgery. It is advisable to give  cereals along with pulses in liquid form so that it is easily digestible for patients.

They are even recommended for patients not suffering from any surgical complication. The most important attribute of oats is that it increases the immunity of patients after surgery.

They contain fibers, proteins and great quantity of other minerals which are very must for a patient during post-surgical recovery.

Mustard can be used directly or indirectly for post-surgical recovery of the patient. They contain vitamins, proteins and calcium which are useful to provide strength to the bones.

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  • I’m confused, what else left from the list of healthy food except unhealthy food 😮
    you covered all time available Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, pulses & nuts and this, i think, is part of daily life of Indians, what is special in it?
    The special content is missing i.e. the quantity or energy description of food like calories, fiber etc in numbers and how much is safe to consume.

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