The Secret To Happiness

If you are like most people on this planet, you are trying to make a living by pleasing others.

Buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, trying to impress people, they don’t like. This is the problem with us. We’re not happy with our lives, for reasons we created ourselves! How sad.

But a few people know the secret. The secret to living life happily. The secret to life.

Do you want to know the secret to being happy in life? Read on…










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Mani Karthik

In my pursuit of happiness, I share everything I've learned, on this blog. From productivity to spirituality and everything in between. I quit my cozy job in the USA to pursue my passion - blogging. Today, I make five times what my US job paid. More than the money, I love the freedom it gives me to make my own choices. Come join me. Start blogging! :) WhatsApp : +0014084894785


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  • Dear MK,

    A small and usual question. How a man would be happy if he has problems like finance, health, worries in the family etc. Sir, I am not happy at this moment, I am in a very critical financial problem. I Have bad debts for Rs 5 Lakh INR, Nobody is helping me. I have to pay Fees for my daughter”s final year studies. In this situation how I will be ” HAPPY”

    Would you help me? Will give me interest-free finance?

    Thanks & Regards
    Un happy Man

  • Glad you liked it Malvina. When you think about it, there isn’t anything new. It’s mostly black and white. Just that we seek happiness in the grays and shades that we like. When you sieve through the frills, it’s always something basic. Something simple. But does it make you happy? Does it remind you of what you are worth. That’s probably what matters most. I could be totally wrong though. 🙂

  • Dear Mani

    good start…you have not told anything new…but used the technique of spaced repetition

  • sir iam mahesh kumar date of birth 26-031975 -2-45 am early morning – 25-03-1975 night so please give me astrology my feature datails i know my rashi simha

    thanking you

  • Mani dear, it was really a great experience going through your mail. Wonderfully explained and presented. I know you will excuse me if I differ with you a little bit and say that 80% (and not 40%) of your happiness comes from your thoughts, actions and behaviour.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Very useful information Mani. Hope we can all follow them continuously. Suddenly we change. So constant reminder to be mindful of our thoughts is very important to keep us healthy.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Mani!

    it was pleasure reading your article looking forward to get more insights on the same. Great Presentation.

  • Good to see thoughts. it will help a lot people including me to shape the life with happy hours. All the best Mani. Keep Going on 🙂

  • Mani, I am proud of you and thank you so much for giving me a new perspective to view this world. Your page will surely help me in feeling better living best.

  • So great, am look more fulfilled with all brain storming ideas I realized from all I have read here. More on what it takes to be happy on one’s day to day life.