The Secret To Happiness

If you are like most people on this planet, you are trying to make a living by pleasing others.

Buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, trying to impress people, they don’t like. This is the problem with us. We’re not happy with our lives, for reasons we created ourselves! How sad.

But a few people know the secret. The secret to living life happily. The secret to life.

Do you want to know the secret to being happy in life? Read on…










About the author

Mani Karthik

As an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), I've lived in the USA, India & Middle East for over a decade, in over 6 cities like Mountain View, Dubai, San Jose, Fort Lauderdale, Kochi, and Chennai. I've worked for small and big companies and recently started my own startup. On this blog, I share everything I've learned in life, living abroad as an NRI with my roots in India. Everything from personal finance to immigration. I'm on a mission to help all NRIs return to India. WhatsApp me at +001-408-489-4785 if you have questions.

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